March 18, 2009

Bad News and Great News

Okay, bad news first. 

Back at the end of February, a good friend of mine was supposed to meet with one of the print agents at Gilla Roos, the same agency that I was freelancing with. I got a phone call from her the morning of her meeting and she said, "Um, did you know that Gilla Roos closed?". What?! I asked her if she was sure and how she knew; she told me that when she showed up at the building the doorman told her that the agency closed and there was no one there. 

They had actually closed the Friday before and no one knew. None of the models were notified and I later found out that even the employees didn't find out until they went in to work, were given their last paychecks, and were told to clean out their desks. Wow. Not only was I furious about them closing with no notice, I was very worried about the fact that I am still owed nearly $3,000.00 for two photo shoots I'd recently done. After having sent out several emails to the owner/president of the agency with no reply, I have decided to take legal action against them. I will provide more updates to that as the situation progresses. 

Now for the great news!! 

My dream agency is CESD. They are one of the best commercial agencies in the country and are very exclusive. I hadn't submitted my photos to them because I didn't think I was at the level that I needed to be in order to work with them. After my agency closed, I submitted to another agency and hadn't heard back. I just found out yesterday that they also closed down a week ago, so while I feel bad for everyone at the agency, I felt relieved that I wasn't actually rejected by them. Anyway, I decided that it's going to be now or never if I'm going to try for CESD. Another model that I have done other shoots with freelances with them so I sent her a text asking if she would be comfortable giving me a referral. She text me back that she had just recently tried to give a friend of hers a referral and that the agents said they weren't going to be bringing in new talent. Alrighty then. 

I decided another approach. Most people would just mail in their comp cards right? Well, I didn't want to be just another face in a pile of comp cards and headshots. I went back to the CESD website and looked at the lists of agents in the print department. I found the name of the director of the print department. Okay, this is when I switched over to stealth mode. I looked her name up on FaceBook and once I saw that she has listed her employer as CESD, I sent her a message basically telling her how I've always wanted to work with them and that I had been doing great work at my last agency before it closed (providing links to all of my work), also that I was requesting a meeting for representation. 

A little over an hour later, she wrote me back asking me to send the message to her work email address because she wanted to forward it to the other agents in her department! I was flipping out! Then I joked to my fiance that she wanted the email so that she could blacklist me to everyone she knows (*insert hysterical laughter*) and that I was doomed. This all happened on Monday. Yesterday (Tuesday) I got an email from another agent at CESD scheduling a meeting for next week! I'm so excited about this meeting and I'm very proud of myself for being gutsy enough to do something that most people would be too afraid to do. It paid off for me and I can't wait to see what happens with this next. 

I also have a meeting at the end of the month with an acting manager. One of the agents I worked with at Gilla Roos referred me to her, which I'm very grateful for. I'm not really interested in working with a manager right now, but I'm going to take the meeting anyway because you never know what can happen. She wants me to perform two monologues which I'm absolutely dreading, I hate monologues so much. 

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