March 24, 2009

I'm officially represented by CESD!!

So, I had my meeting today with Danielle Russo who is a print agent at CESD. She was so nice and was very interested in learning about my life, other goals, where I had grown up, etc. She also said that would be great for a lot of the shoe work that they get because I have the ideal shoe size. One of the other agents there was a really pretty black woman (I'm kicking myself for forgetting her name) with gorgeous natural hair. We spent a few minutes trading hair secrets and discovered that we are both obsessed with Coconut Oil. Okay, back on topic! We talked about how all of the other agencies that have gone under in the past couple of months and she assured me that CESD is in great financial standing and "ain't goin nowhere". Whew!

I also met Stephanie Bellarosa, the woman that I ambushed on FaceBook, and she was sweet as pie. She put me in touch with another client of hers who was repped by Gilla Roos. I can't go into great detail just yet about this because there may be some legal issues that I'm not yet aware of. I also have some news on my legal action against GR and will share tomorrow. Anyway, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm going to be represented by them. Woo Hoo! For print, they only freelance and that's great for me because I can still do things on my own. She gave me a giant stack of vouchers for when I book jobs and some labels for my comp cards. I expect to be sent on my first casting in the next day or two.

They said that things have been picking up a great deal lately and they are excited that the slow season is over. So am I because I need to be working and making REAL money again.

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  1. Congrats!! That's soo exciting! I had a question tho, do you need to be "famous" or a working actor or have some sort of tv/film/print, or live in LA to be signed with CESD?