March 29, 2009

Strattera Casting

Well, last week a got a phone call from a woman named Ramona Pitera. She is one the agents that I was working with at Gilla Roos. In the weeks since GR closed, Ramona has since opened up her own talent agency called Ramona's Model and Talent. I'm so happy for her! Apparently, many of the casting directors that she had relationships with through GR have been very receptive to her new business and have been giving her access to some pretty good castings. I was one the models on her list that she still wishes to work with so she gave me a call on Thursday. She already had a commercial casting for me that was scheduled for 2pm on Friday. It was for a medication called Strattera, which is used for the treatment of ADD. I would be playing a waitress.

I got to the casting office about 10 minutes early to sign in and all the actresses had photos taken and then printed on small information sheets which we were then instructed to fill out. The actresses were called into the room in groups of two. After slating (stating our name) we did an improv scenario where we had just gotten off of work and one girl had once again forgotten their keys. The girl that I was auditioning with was a bit upset when we left because she said she was told the casting was for print, not a commercial. I felt bad for her.

The commercial is set to shoot on the 2nd or 3rd of April, so I'm guessing I will find out sometime tomorrow (30th) if I got it or not. I need to start making real money again and I need to start soon!

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