April 12, 2009

NBC Interview

Last week was very busy for me. In addition to starting a new job, I had (along with about 25 other Gilla Roos models) a lengthy interview with NBC's Brian Thompson. He was so gracious to take on our story and give it the media attention that it deserves. The interview lasted about 2 hours and was very informal. We all sat around a long table in a conference room at NBC Studios in midtown Manhattan. One by one, we were given the opportunity to tell our stories about how we found out about the agency closing, how we felt, and how much money we lost because of the crook that is David Roos.

 It felt great to be around a group of people that were going through the same hardship as myself. I didn't feel so alone. I also learned a great deal more about the scandal, including the fact that since GR closed, David Roos has attempted to open a new talent agency. This time, he was looking only for inexperienced talent, in order to scam them out of money no doubt. One of the models at the interview ran into another model that had been rejected from this new agency because she had too much experience. This particular agency has since gone under. No surprise there. I'm going to post the link for anyone that is interested in reading more about the story or for those who just wish to watch the videos again. Also, please leave some supportive comments on the page. Naturally, some inconsiderate idiots have come out of the woodwork to make their voices heard. It never fails.

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