June 29, 2009

"Sisters" Audition

Well, today was my audition for the "Sisters" theatre showcase. I arrived about 5 minutes early for my audition and the director, Steve, was there waiting. We sat and talked for a few minutes and I handed him my headshot. He told me it was a great photo and he was very happy that I look just like my headshots. Woohoo!! Right before I began my read, another man came in the room and Steve introduced me to him. I feel like a really dummy because I can't remember his name and that's not a good look.

Anyway, I performed one of the monologues that Steve had sent to me the week before and when I was finished, he asked me to perform it again more forcefully (almost the same direction that I was given in my last audition) and so I did. After I performed it again, they both were nodding their heads as if I had nailed it, then they told me that I did a great job. Then Steve asked me to cold read for another character. He gave me a few minutes to go over the sides and then I went right into the read. He gave me a bit of direction and had me read it again.

When I was finished, he told me that it was great and complimented me on on my ability to take direction well. Then he told me that he wants me to come back next week to read with an actress that he has in mind for another character in the scene. So......I got a callback!!! I go back in on Monday and I'm very excited. I feel like I'm on fire right now!

I have an audition tomorrow for "Happy Hour", another play. I also have a print casting for Exxon Mobile on Thursday, and was e-mailed about a student film audition the same day. Unfortunately, the casting is at 7pm and I have to work that night. I e-mailed the director and I'm hoping that we can work out another time. I don't want to pass up the chance to audition for anything. If I have to, I'll try to get out of work.

June 27, 2009

Feature Film Audition

Today was my audition for the non-union feature film "Seraphim". The audition was held at Columbia University (which is such a beautiful campus) uptown. I had to leave work about 30 minutes early in order to make it to my audition on time. I ended up arriving about 20 minutes early anyway so I had a few minutes to catch my breath and go over my sides one more time. I was called in after a few minutes and I met John Pasha, the casting director, as well as the director and writer of the film, Ben. He told me that he loved my hair which was really nice.

I sat for a moment and Ben gave me a quick rundown of the character that I was reading for and then I read one of the sides that were provided on Showfax. He told me that the read was great and then he gave me a bit of direction, telling me to be more assertive. After I read the second time, he said the usual, "That was great, thank you so much!". We've all heard that one a million times and I have no idea what it means and I don't really care. I'm not going to read into it or drive myself crazy over it. I feel like I gave a great read and that's all that matters to me right now. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. :)

June 26, 2009

Poly Com Audition

Today was my audition for a Poly Com industrial which was secured for me by Ramona's Model and Talent. My audition was scheduled for 5:15, but I got an email around 3pm asking if I could move it up to 4:30 because the CD's wanted to wrap up by 5. I was running a ton of errands (dropping off new headshots/comp cards to my agencies) but I wanted to be done sooner as well, so I changed my plans around to go audition sooner.

The audition was at Beth Melsky casting and as soon as I walked in, I remembered having auditioned there before. They have an electronic casting system that's requires you to create a username and password after giving them all of your information, including your address. When you go in to audition, you have to sign in to a computer and the line is always very long because no ever has or remembers their username. Luckily, because I'm already in the system, I spoke to a gentleman at the front desk and he signed me in with no issue. I only waited about 10 minutes before I went in to read and it was pretty easy.

There was a giant board with copy written on it and while I'm still not entirely sure what the product/service is, it's basically about creating a site that gives a business the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, almost like Skype. I slated and read the copy in a very light, conversational style and the CD told me that I was great. Then he asked me to explain in my own words what I thought the product was all about. He told me it was great and that was it. I feel good about the audition, but we all know that doesn't mean shit in this business. It shoots on Wednesday and Thursday of next week so if I don't hear anything by Monday, I'll assume I didn't get it.

Tomorrow is my audition for the lead in the feature film "Seraphim". I'm pumped about that and will let you all know how it goes!

June 25, 2009

Stock Shoot Update and Three Auditions

Stock Shoot

The stock shoot that I did yesterday was a lot of fun and I know I'm going to get a lot of great photos from it. The two other models I shot with were two of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen in my life. And just as sweet. Jamie, the photographer, was just as nice as always and her studio was AMAZING. It's a penthouse studio in Jersey City with a giant rooftop terrace that overlooks The Hudson River and the NYC skyline. The majority of the shoot was nature themed so we did some really cute concepts laying in "grass" and camping. We also did some fitness related concepts as well as weddings, baking, and shopping. I'll receive a disk of the best images sometime next week and, of course, I'll post them!


I have three auditions lined up in the next week. One is an audition for admittance into The Barrow Group Company Apprentice Program. That audition in on July 1st and I have no idea which monologue I want to do for the audition, but I guess that's a good thing because I have some options to play with.

This Saturday (the 27th), I have an audition for the lead in a feature film titled "Seraphim". The character is an FBI agent named Jodie Watchtower who, along with her partner, is trying to locate an abducted child. I'm very excited about this one.

My other audition is for a theatre showcase titled "Sister". It's a focus on women and tough life experiences and is set to be performed in August. The director is having me read for two different roles on Monday, the 29th.

Quick Update: One of my agents just sent me a casting for an industrial tomorrow at 5:15. Dress code is business casual and there will be full copy. The day rate is pretty decent too. This next week is going to be VERY busy!

June 22, 2009

Photoshoot on Wednesday!

On Wednesday I'm going to be doing a stock photoshoot with Jamie Grill of Jamie Grill Photography. I've worked with her before and she's very nice. She's been waiting for the weather to get warmer for us to shoot because she loves to work outside. For this particular shoot, I will be working with two other models so I'm looking forward to that. I LOVE doing stock photography because the photos are always so bright and happy. You have to give lots of energy to make the photos warm and inviting. On top of that, you do so many different concepts that you have tons of photos to add to your book. It's not like doing a photoshoot with a single concept where you have the find the best single photo, with stock photography, your options are endless and they never conflict with each other. Her style is perfect for commercial print so I'm excited for the shoot. She's pays a good hourly rate and guarantees a minimum number of hours so that's just icing on the cake......AND she gives you a disk of the photos! Of course I'll post them when I get the disk. :)

June 17, 2009

Bank of America Casting/Final Headshot Choices

Yesterday I had a print casting for BoA. It's only background which I wasn't too thrilled about and almost declined to attend. Almost. It's still a recession! I've done background work for TV once and will never do it again. I've never done it for print work and don't really want to but could use the money if I book this job. *sigh*

On my way in to the casting, I was stopped by a woman named Monique who said that she reads my blog regularly! That really made my day. :)

Well, tomorrow I go in to Reproductions to have my final headshot choices retouched and sent out for prints. I'm so excited to actually hold my prints in my hands. I'm also going to get my comp cards done, but I'll need to create a disk with all of my image choices tonight. I have no idea what photos I want on my card, it's going to be a tough choice. Anyway, these are the photos I chose for my headshots. They are both unretouched and I figured out how to make them larger.
My Commercial Shot
My Theatrical Shot

June 11, 2009


After Laura narrowed down the photos, I had over 500 to look through. I put over 100 in my favorites folder so I still have some work to do. My agent at CESD will help me choose my final photos. Sorry the photos are so small, when I saved them to my desktop, they shrank a lot. I chose 3-6 of my "narrowed" favorites for each look that I did. I'm so happy with how they turned out. They are all un-retouched.

June 10, 2009


Sorry, I can't post them until tomorrow when they're available on the Reproductions website but I did have the photo shoot yesterday on the 9th. I decided to shoot with Laura Rose and I was VERY excited to shoot with her, I mean have you seen her frickin work?!?! She's ridiculous. Anyway, my appointment was set for 4:30pm and I arrived at Hoebermann Studio, where she shoots, at about 4:35. Luckily, she was finishing up with another actor so I had a few minutes to sit and catch my breath. When she finished, she introduced me to the makeup artist, Stefanie, and I wheeled my tiny suitcase into the dressing room where I would hang my shirts and have my makeup done.

Stefanie and I spent a few minutes discussing how I wanted my makeup done. I wanted to start very fresh and natural, and build to a more dramatic look as we went from the young commercial look to the sexier more adult look. Stefanie rocks. Her makeup application was spot on, especially her foundation and powder matching. The first thing I looked for when researching photographers was how well the makeup artist worked with darker skin. You'd be surprised how many MUA's can't properly match foundation/powder to dark skin. When she was finished, I was VERY happy with the results. I looked just like myself, at my very best, without looking done up.

I had shown up with my hair the way I wanted so it was time to begin shooting. Laura came in the room and we went through all of the tops and chose 5 that best conveyed the looks that I was shooting for. Then we talked about framing choices and backgrounds. I told her that I'm not a fan of horizontal head shots or tight cropping for myself and she agreed that my bone structure was better suited for vertical shots that show off my body. In the past, I've received feedback that when I'm tightly cropped in a photo, I look several pounds heavier than I am. For a petite woman who's 5'3" and 98lbs, that's a huge problem. I also told her that for my commercial shots, I wanted to keep the background bright and open.

Laura popped in my iPod so I could listen to the music I wanted and we began shooting. For each look we moved around the studio, either sitting with all studio lighting, or standing in the hall about 10 feet in front of a window where a mix of natural light and studio light was used. Laura was very fast and very energetic, keeping me energetic in the process. She never told me how to move (unless asking me to slightly lift my chin or give a bit of a head tilt) and never told me how to pose. She let me do whatever I felt was comfortable and moved around me in the process. She talked a lot, telling me how beautiful I looked, or how great a pose was (which kept me feeling confident) and she made me laugh a lot which produced some great photos. She snaps very quickly, getting what sounded like 3 or 4 shots per second, and moved the camera a lot. By the end of the shoot, she had snapped over 1500 photos. She will go through them and delete any duplicates or poor quality images before submitting them to Reproductions, that way, I won't have to go through that many images.

After each look, I changed tops and Stefanie touched up my makeup for me so I always looked fresh. For my "legit" shots, Laura used both light backgrounds and dark backgrounds. The dark looked amazing with my more serious demeanor and facial expressions, especially when I was going for a sexier edge. Laura paused between each look to flip through the photos on her camera so that I could see how well the photos were turning out. I was blown away. The number one critique that I've gotten on my head shots in the past is that they don't do me justice. The photos she took were the most beautiful photos I've ever taken in my life. What makes them even more perfect is that they aren't just beautiful pictures, they look just like me, and each type that I was trying to express shows through amazingly.

This shoot was so much fun and I'm so happy that I decided to shoot with Laura. It really was worth every single penny. I will upload some of my favorites tomorrow so stay tuned for them!!

June 5, 2009

Slow Season/New Training

Things have been sooooooooo slow lately! I mean damn! In the last month, I think I've been on maybe 5 castings/auditions. This is just bananas. I will admit, I haven't been submitting as much as I could be just because I'm not confident in my current headshots. So I guess it's all my fault, huh? When I shoot my new photos next week, get out of my way! :)

I've been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to commit to doing the 1 year apprenticeship program at The Barrow Group Theatre (work 8 hours a week in exchange for a free acting class every week) but I think I'm going to call today and set up an audition. The next session starts in September. I honestly think that this is the best option for me for so many reasons. Not only is the class "free" (no such thing as a free lunch right?) but it's working with some great, highly respected teachers in a highly respected theatre company. In addition to the great training, the students will have three different industry showcase opportunities throughout the program. I'm also looking for an ongoing program where I can have plenty of time to learn and grow as an actor. I want to be the best actor that I can possibly be and this is a great place to continue that quest.

I'm going to be speaking with my print agent at CESD to find out what I need to do, or at least what the process is like, to cross over to the on-camera division of the agency. I have so much that I need to be getting done over the next few weeks but I'm VERY excited!

Court Date

I went to court yesterday against the second client I worked with, and the factoring company that the client paid my earnings to. Both of my cases were adjourned to the 25th. I really just want this whole thing to be over. I will provide a full update after the 25th when I get my final results.

June 2, 2009

I Got My Money!!!

I'm so happy I could cry. Today I got paid for the Caress ad that I shot back in December. Ever since Gilla Roos closed back in February, I've been fighting to get the money that I earned, and I'm halfway there. As an actor/model, you literally live your life paycheck to paycheck, unless you wait tables or have another survival job. So when you finally book that job and you're waiting on the big paycheck that you earned (and desperately need) and then all of a sudden your earnings are unfairly withheld from you, it's nothing short of infuriating. I got very lucky with this client, and I'm thankful to them for being so cooperative.

I tried for a few months to get the money that I earned on another job, but the client refused to cooperate with me. So, I've filed a small claims lawsuit against them and I go to court this Thursday, the 4th. I'm really hoping that I win this case, not just because of the money, but the principle of it. They saw this as an easy way to hold on to a few thousand dollars at the expense of a hard working model and I just can't stand for it. My next update will be on the court case.