June 17, 2009

Bank of America Casting/Final Headshot Choices

Yesterday I had a print casting for BoA. It's only background which I wasn't too thrilled about and almost declined to attend. Almost. It's still a recession! I've done background work for TV once and will never do it again. I've never done it for print work and don't really want to but could use the money if I book this job. *sigh*

On my way in to the casting, I was stopped by a woman named Monique who said that she reads my blog regularly! That really made my day. :)

Well, tomorrow I go in to Reproductions to have my final headshot choices retouched and sent out for prints. I'm so excited to actually hold my prints in my hands. I'm also going to get my comp cards done, but I'll need to create a disk with all of my image choices tonight. I have no idea what photos I want on my card, it's going to be a tough choice. Anyway, these are the photos I chose for my headshots. They are both unretouched and I figured out how to make them larger.
My Commercial Shot
My Theatrical Shot

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