June 27, 2009

Feature Film Audition

Today was my audition for the non-union feature film "Seraphim". The audition was held at Columbia University (which is such a beautiful campus) uptown. I had to leave work about 30 minutes early in order to make it to my audition on time. I ended up arriving about 20 minutes early anyway so I had a few minutes to catch my breath and go over my sides one more time. I was called in after a few minutes and I met John Pasha, the casting director, as well as the director and writer of the film, Ben. He told me that he loved my hair which was really nice.

I sat for a moment and Ben gave me a quick rundown of the character that I was reading for and then I read one of the sides that were provided on Showfax. He told me that the read was great and then he gave me a bit of direction, telling me to be more assertive. After I read the second time, he said the usual, "That was great, thank you so much!". We've all heard that one a million times and I have no idea what it means and I don't really care. I'm not going to read into it or drive myself crazy over it. I feel like I gave a great read and that's all that matters to me right now. But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. :)

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