June 2, 2009

I Got My Money!!!

I'm so happy I could cry. Today I got paid for the Caress ad that I shot back in December. Ever since Gilla Roos closed back in February, I've been fighting to get the money that I earned, and I'm halfway there. As an actor/model, you literally live your life paycheck to paycheck, unless you wait tables or have another survival job. So when you finally book that job and you're waiting on the big paycheck that you earned (and desperately need) and then all of a sudden your earnings are unfairly withheld from you, it's nothing short of infuriating. I got very lucky with this client, and I'm thankful to them for being so cooperative.

I tried for a few months to get the money that I earned on another job, but the client refused to cooperate with me. So, I've filed a small claims lawsuit against them and I go to court this Thursday, the 4th. I'm really hoping that I win this case, not just because of the money, but the principle of it. They saw this as an easy way to hold on to a few thousand dollars at the expense of a hard working model and I just can't stand for it. My next update will be on the court case.

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