June 10, 2009


Sorry, I can't post them until tomorrow when they're available on the Reproductions website but I did have the photo shoot yesterday on the 9th. I decided to shoot with Laura Rose and I was VERY excited to shoot with her, I mean have you seen her frickin work?!?! She's ridiculous. Anyway, my appointment was set for 4:30pm and I arrived at Hoebermann Studio, where she shoots, at about 4:35. Luckily, she was finishing up with another actor so I had a few minutes to sit and catch my breath. When she finished, she introduced me to the makeup artist, Stefanie, and I wheeled my tiny suitcase into the dressing room where I would hang my shirts and have my makeup done.

Stefanie and I spent a few minutes discussing how I wanted my makeup done. I wanted to start very fresh and natural, and build to a more dramatic look as we went from the young commercial look to the sexier more adult look. Stefanie rocks. Her makeup application was spot on, especially her foundation and powder matching. The first thing I looked for when researching photographers was how well the makeup artist worked with darker skin. You'd be surprised how many MUA's can't properly match foundation/powder to dark skin. When she was finished, I was VERY happy with the results. I looked just like myself, at my very best, without looking done up.

I had shown up with my hair the way I wanted so it was time to begin shooting. Laura came in the room and we went through all of the tops and chose 5 that best conveyed the looks that I was shooting for. Then we talked about framing choices and backgrounds. I told her that I'm not a fan of horizontal head shots or tight cropping for myself and she agreed that my bone structure was better suited for vertical shots that show off my body. In the past, I've received feedback that when I'm tightly cropped in a photo, I look several pounds heavier than I am. For a petite woman who's 5'3" and 98lbs, that's a huge problem. I also told her that for my commercial shots, I wanted to keep the background bright and open.

Laura popped in my iPod so I could listen to the music I wanted and we began shooting. For each look we moved around the studio, either sitting with all studio lighting, or standing in the hall about 10 feet in front of a window where a mix of natural light and studio light was used. Laura was very fast and very energetic, keeping me energetic in the process. She never told me how to move (unless asking me to slightly lift my chin or give a bit of a head tilt) and never told me how to pose. She let me do whatever I felt was comfortable and moved around me in the process. She talked a lot, telling me how beautiful I looked, or how great a pose was (which kept me feeling confident) and she made me laugh a lot which produced some great photos. She snaps very quickly, getting what sounded like 3 or 4 shots per second, and moved the camera a lot. By the end of the shoot, she had snapped over 1500 photos. She will go through them and delete any duplicates or poor quality images before submitting them to Reproductions, that way, I won't have to go through that many images.

After each look, I changed tops and Stefanie touched up my makeup for me so I always looked fresh. For my "legit" shots, Laura used both light backgrounds and dark backgrounds. The dark looked amazing with my more serious demeanor and facial expressions, especially when I was going for a sexier edge. Laura paused between each look to flip through the photos on her camera so that I could see how well the photos were turning out. I was blown away. The number one critique that I've gotten on my head shots in the past is that they don't do me justice. The photos she took were the most beautiful photos I've ever taken in my life. What makes them even more perfect is that they aren't just beautiful pictures, they look just like me, and each type that I was trying to express shows through amazingly.

This shoot was so much fun and I'm so happy that I decided to shoot with Laura. It really was worth every single penny. I will upload some of my favorites tomorrow so stay tuned for them!!

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