June 22, 2009

Photoshoot on Wednesday!

On Wednesday I'm going to be doing a stock photoshoot with Jamie Grill of Jamie Grill Photography. I've worked with her before and she's very nice. She's been waiting for the weather to get warmer for us to shoot because she loves to work outside. For this particular shoot, I will be working with two other models so I'm looking forward to that. I LOVE doing stock photography because the photos are always so bright and happy. You have to give lots of energy to make the photos warm and inviting. On top of that, you do so many different concepts that you have tons of photos to add to your book. It's not like doing a photoshoot with a single concept where you have the find the best single photo, with stock photography, your options are endless and they never conflict with each other. Her style is perfect for commercial print so I'm excited for the shoot. She's pays a good hourly rate and guarantees a minimum number of hours so that's just icing on the cake......AND she gives you a disk of the photos! Of course I'll post them when I get the disk. :)

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