July 21, 2009

Huge Updates!

Well, I know it's been a while since I last posted and I apologize for that!

So let me backtrack and work my way up to the most recent events. I've had a bajillion auditions in the last two weeks.

1. I spoke about my audition for the play "Sisters" back on June 29th. Well, I booked it!! I start rehearsals for that on Monday.

2. I auditioned for a short film about a month ago and since then, the CD has been in contact with me. She wants me to come back and read with the lead actor, but doesn't know when.

3. I auditioned for a SAG feature film last Sunday (open call) and it was the biggest waste of time and very poorly organized. Actors waited over two hours to be seen by the casting director. When I went in to read, the CD sat BEHIND me and I was to direct to read to what looked like interns. They were all in their mid to late teens. I was fuming after that audition. Obviously I didn't even get a callback.

4. I auditioned for a play called 4Play and was given a callback for a 3 hour workshop where the actors learned more about the acting technique that the company prefers for the show. It was a lot of fun, but I did not book it in the end. :(

5. I auditioned for a funny short film titled "Low Brow" and I have a callback for that this week.

6. My on camera agent at Prestige got me an audition for the lead in a SAG feature film and my read went very well. The CD (Aleta Chapelle) gave me a callback on the spot and I'm supposed to go in tomorrow!!

7. I had a casting through CESD for a web spot to introduce the inspiration for Cindy Crawford's new shoe line and I booked it! I actually did the shoot for it yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I played the part of Tara, a young woman who works in the fashion industry who always stays hip to the latest celebrity gossip. I'm not entirely sure how this will be put together, all I know is that there will be three different scenes/characters (myself, and two men). The director played back some of my footage and it really looked great. I'm hoping I can get a final copy on disk somehow because I want to start putting together a reel.

8. And finally, I had a really fun print casting for Sprite last week at Impossible Casting. I was submitted by my print agent at Prestige. The models were photographed making very animated expressions to illustrate specific emotions such as anger, fear, happiness, etc. The CDs put up mock photos of what the client wants the final product to look like and the photos were very energetic and lively. They were shaded in lime green and the people in the photos had these crazy expressions to illustrate how intense the flavor of Sprite is.

A lot of models seemed very embarrassed because we were pretty much being photographed in an open space where everyone was watching. Well, I didn't care who was watching! When it was my turn I went balls out with my facial expressions and I made the photographer and some of the models watching me laugh.

Well.......needless to say, I was put on hold for it last week. And today, my agent called me to tell me that booked it. It shoots on Thursday! :D

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