July 29, 2009

Sprite Shoot and Other Updates...

Well, last Thursday I had the photo shoot for Sprite. I had a blast! My call time was for 8:30am and I was the second model to arrive. The first model there was a guy named Justin and he was very nice. While he got his makeup done, I sat on the couch and ate a delicious breakfast. One of the best parts of professional photo shoots is the food! The food is always so amazing. Anyway, I got my makeup done and then went into wardrobe where the stylist put me in this really cute purple halter top.

After I was dressed, Justin was still shooting so I sat back down and began talking another model who had shown up at that point. His name is Lorenzo. He watched Justin while he worked and talked a bit. When it was my turn to go up and shoot, I took off my shoes and stood barefoot on set. I like to be barefoot when I'm shooting because I feel more grounded that way. I was already pumped and energized and the photographer didn't waste any time. He put the camera in my face and just started clicking away! The frame was very tight, from just about my head to by bust. It was all about the face. I pretty much did whatever came to my mind, but wanted to make sure that each expression displayed surprise and pleasure. The photographer liked when I did flirty, cute expressions and had me making a lot of "sour pucker" expressions. Even though the frame was tight, I moved a lot and even did some jumping and head swinging to show movement in my earrings.

After we shot for about 20 minutes, the stylist came down and sprayed my entire torso down with water until I was dripping wet. Then we shot for about another 10 minutes while I was wet. I was then dried off and put into another top where we did some photos just showing movement in my jewelry. Then I was done! During the shoot, there were about 10-15 people watching me, including the other models that had begun showing up throughout the morning. The producer of the shoot came over to me and told me that I was wonderful and that she had a lot of fun watching me shoot. I got to see the photos as they scrolled through them on the monitors and the photos looked absolutely stunning. I can't give anything away but the final product is going to be awesome and is set to begin running in October.

Here are a few photos from the shoot:
The Set

My Makeup



Two Hot Models: Bobby and Chavis

Another Hot Model: Lorenzo

In Other News....
1. I had a final callback last week for the SAG feature film, "Mooz-lum", and it went well. I was happy with what I did and just hoped for the best. Yesterday, I got an email from Alissa at Prestige, my legit agent/manager, and she told me that she had some feedback from the casting director. At first, I thought she was going to tell me that they thought I sucked or some other melodramatic nightmare, but she told me that the CD thinks I'm beautiful and talented. They are still holding auditions in Detroit and Los Angeles but I'm one of their top choices from NYC. She told me that it may a few more weeks before they decide but to stay encouraged and trust in my talent. :)
2. I also booked a short film, "Low Brow", that I'm shooting on Saturday. :)
3. Today I had a casting in NJ for a Belveda Mascara infomercial. So far it's looking like I may book that one. The pay is pretty good.
4. I was offered a job as a shoe model next week for a showroom. There was no monetary pay, but I would be given two free pairs of shoes for 1 hour of work. I reminded my agent that I have a tatoo on my right foot and the client was like...um.....nevermind. Ha! I figured that would happen but damn I wanted some free shoes!

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