August 5, 2009

Having A Great Attitude and Working Hard

I've been so busy lately and I've been getting bored with just giving updates and I wouldn't be mad if everyone else was too. I want to write about things other than my auditions, but still related to my careers in acting and modeling. I was thinking about maybe just writing about whatever is on my mind and then adding a second section in each post to give quick highlights on my auditions and bookings, as well as classes and meetings with industry people.

Looking back over these past few months and how much fun I've been having, I wanted to figure out what has been most effective in my life. I'd have to say that hands down, having a great attitude and working my butt off have been instrumental in springing me forward. I know that this sounds like a no brainer, but it's easier said than done. After Gilla Roos closed down and I was trying to figure out how to bounce back from the setback, I was feeling so discouraged and low. I was letting the frustration get the best of me and there were a few times where I felt like giving up. I don't what caused it, but one day I realized that I just wasn't putting forth enough effort. I had been deluding myself into thinking that I was doing all that I was supposed to do, and that outside factors were preventing me from moving forward: the business is slow, I'm not getting sent out enough, I can't afford the necessary tools...blah blah blah.

The fact of the matter was: I had an awful headshot and was too cheap to get new ones, I wasn't on the major casting sites, I would read BackStage, but rarely submit, I was postponing meeting with a few agents because I was too nervous (lazy) to prepare material for them, and finally, I just wasn't making my career my top priority.

I guess my first big step was really taking the time to learn my type before getting my headshots done. By fully understanding which roles to gear myself toward, it made everything else so much simpler. From there, it was a snowball effect. I invested in the best headshots and the response has been overwhelming. So far, for every 5 projects that I submit to, I'm getting called in for 3. Of the projects that I've been called in for, I've gotten callbacks on most, booked, or got great feedback. The same can be said for the acting jobs that my agents have sent me on.

Once I started really taking charge of my career and staying focused, my attitude changed because I knew that whatever I was putting out into the universe would come back to me threefold. Now I know that this is only the beginning of a new chapter, and that we all have ups and downs, but I know that no matter what, as long as I stay positive and work hard, anything that I do is something that I can be proud of.

Progress Report
1. On hold for Verizon Print Ad
2. Had another audition for a different role on Gossip Girl. The CD told me that everyone loved me from my last audition, but the role ended up getting cut.
3. Shot a short film, "Low Brow", this past weekend.
4. Auditioned for two short films.
5. Doing a screen test for another short film this weekend, and possibly shooting next week.
6. Had a print casting for Sun Crystals, and Toys R Us.


  1. I stay posted on your blog just reading your updates and it encourages me to follow my own career. This is a REALLY good post.

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad that I can be an inspiration for other people. :)

  3. "Once I started really taking charge of my career and staying focused, my attitude changed because I knew that whatever I was putting out into the universe would come back to me threefold."

    And this, dear, is why you will have much success. So proud!

  4. Hey girl really OT but I just wanted to say I was browsing and I saw your pic on the front page!
    Not that it matters but here is the link

  5. Thanks for the link Ekaette! I crack up whenever I see those hair modeling photos. :)

  6. A great attitude and working hard definitely makes the journey easier.

    Good luck!