September 6, 2009


So sorry for the long delay since my last post. I've been working on a few video blogs but those won't be posted for another week or two.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit lackluster for me. I was on hold for three projects (count em': THREE) and was released from all three the day before shooting. A Nokia ad, Trim Stix commercial, and Health Magazine. Talk about getting kicked when you're down! In a way, it's still very good because this tells me, and my representation, that I'm making a great impression with the CD's that I'm meeting, but it still sucks to get so close to booking something and then not quite getting there.

On the upside, I booked a short film last minute and shot that this past Thursday. It was a one day shoot and was pretty fun. The only crappy part was I had to smoke cigarettes for it. I didn't inhale though. :) The name of the film is "Freddy VS Jason......and Sheila In Between". I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived on set because one of the other actors was Yolanda Allen! We met in person recently and it was very nice to work with her. Turns out, she was referred to the director by Danielle Faust, another actress and blogger that I met in person at an audition the day before the film shoot. Such a small world!

Also, one of the shorts that I did a few weeks ago, "Low Brow", is having a couple more scenes added that will be focusing on me. I'm supposed to film them on the 11th of this month. I'm excited about that and will be posting the full film when it's all finished.

I have an audition this Thursday for a feature film that I got through ActorsAccess. It's called, "I Got a Story To Tell". It seems very interesting, and according to the breakdown, will be filmed in the style of "Pulp Fiction", meaning all of the characters stories are intertwined.

On the 17th, I have a paid photo shoot. I'll be doing some hair modeling, the same stuff that got me started in pro modeling. On Tuesday, I'm doing a test shoot with a photographer named Isaiah, but goes by the name six21pix. You can see some of his work here on ModelMayhem. I'm not sure what we'll be doing yet, probably some beauty work. I'll post the final photos when they are finished.

I'm excited because a little over a month ago, I made a personal goal to add 5 new films to my resume before the end of the year, I've already done 3 since then. Maybe I should increase my goal to 8? I really need to put together my reel but I'm still waiting on some footage from a few of my films. My on camera manager at Prestige, Alissa, has been pushing me to finish it because she wants to send me out for pilot season. I'm having trouble getting a copy of a feature film that I shot two years ago. I seem to be getting the run around on that and it's frustrating because I had so many great scenes that I can use for my reel. I'm really hoping to get this resolved soon.

You put so much effort into these projects (many times for no pay except the promise of a copy) and then when it comes time for you to be compensated for your work, you get nothing but the run around. I'm seriously considering making every person I work with for no pay sign an agreement stating that I'm guaranteed a copy of the work. Hell, the only reason why most actors work for no pay is because they are building resumes and reels. What's the point of doing the work if no one is going to see it?! Ugh. Pretty much everyone I've worked with has been great about this, but it's the one or two that make me so cautious.

Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome of this little dilemma, and stay tuned for my video posts in the next week or two. I realized after writing this post that it hasn't been as lackluster as I imagined. In fact, things are moving along pretty nicely, despite a few drawbacks. I guess that's the definition of working hard and staying positive.

Progress Report

See above post. :P

Also, I'll be coming up with some draft ideas of an agreement that will guarantee that I have no issues receiving a copy of my unpaid work.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    First of all, I was introduced to your blog via Danielle's as we've been reading each other's blog for awhile now so nice to virtually meet you! With that said, instead of drafting an agreement,try using this one: It's what I've used so far and the best part is that even if the project falls through it guarantees you a copy of your raw footage. So take a look and hopefully it'll work for you.


  2. Hey Chica

    I actually have an agreement that I found online months ago but I have yet to use it...I'm waiting on the final copy of 3 projects now....I'll email the agreement to you and you can see if it works! I think I will start using it from now on!

  3. Wow, both of you are amazing! Thanks so much for the links. AmbitiousB, it's a pleasure to e-meet you. Send me a link to your blog so I can check it out. :)

  4. You can check out my blog at: {or just click on my profile for the link}. I'm on the other coast so there won't be a lot of theatre auditions for me but I'm definitely setting out to leave my mark on tv & film. :-)

  5. TOTALLY UNRELATED - I just saw you in Parents Magazine (october p 72)...looks like a stock photo image. :) Another tear hehehe

  6. Thanks again for the draft agreement links, ladies! They are a life saver.

    Thanks for the heads up Danielle. I'm going to try to find it later today, see which photo they used.