October 20, 2009

This week.....

Well, I did the shoot for Nintendo on Friday, and other than some contract issues, everything went pretty well. It was a somewhat long day, and I'm sure it could have gone a lot faster than it did. Either way, I'm grateful for the work.

I'm still on hold for Kodak, but I don't feel too confident about booking that. My agent told me that the clients were going to choose the talent after hours today, but it's a bit after 9pm and I still haven't heard anything. They are shooting over the next three days, with each model only shooting one of the days. There's still a chance I can book for the 22nd or 23rd so I'm trying to hold out hope. :/

Did I tell you guys that I had a casting few weeks ago for Soft Sheen Carson hair products which is owned by L'Oreal?? Well, it wasn't really a casting, but they selected models to drop off their portfolios at their offices in midtown for an upcoming shoot. My understanding, from what my agent told me, is that they have several people looking at the books and as they narrow down girls, they will let them come and pick up their books. My book is still there, but I'm going to call one of my agents for an update tomorrow. I would love to work for them, not just because of the money, but the exposure would be amazing.

Progress Report

1. Had my first table read for a film that I'm shooting next month.

2. Have been booked for a two day hair shoot next week.

October 15, 2009

More Progress

So, this past week has been nothing short of eventful. First off, I was released from the hand sanitizer commercial the day before filming. I was so upset! That's the third commercial in less than a month that I've been placed on hold for, and then released from. Throw me a TV commercial bone please!!


In other (better) news, I have booked a role in a short film that I'm scheduled to begin shooting on the 22nd. I'm supposed to be shooting for two days. I originally auditioned for the lead, but was given a smaller supporting role instead. My ego wanted to be offended but life's too short for that crap, I'm still doing the film and I'm still happy. Besides, the character that they gave me is a nutcase and I think I'll have a lot of fun playing her.

I shot for Health Magazine yesterday. My photo stories will be running in the December issue. I had been sent to Health Magazine twice before and did not book it, but this time it stuck. It was slightly stressful because I was sent to the casting was placed on hold before I even went in. The day before the shoot, I got a call telling me that the hold for the shoot was being moved to Thursday (today) and that was fine. Then, 15 minutes later, I got a call letting me know I was being released. I almost had a nervous breakdown. Well, to be honest, I cried. I was so frustrated that I was getting released from so many projects and it was bringing me down. My fiance was there to comfort me and he reminded me that I was doing a great job and accomplishing so much. Then about 10 minutes later, I got a call letting me know that there was a mistake and that I was booked for the shoot that I did yesterday. Win!

While I was at the Health shoot, I found out that I had booked an on-line commercial for Nintendo that I'd auditioned for on Monday. I shoot that on Friday (tomorrow) and I'm super excited.

On Saturday, I have my first table read for a film that I'm set to shoot in November. It's untitled right now but I'll keep everyone posted.

So, all in all, it's been a great week! I hope next week is even better.

P.S. I have not heard anything on the Disney Princess casting yet. Trying not to think about it.

October 6, 2009

The Next Disney Princess? (Most fun audition EVER!)

Well, this past week or two was nothing short of productive and successful! Where do I start......? This may be a bit long, but pretty interesting. There will be lots of exclamation points in this post so brace yourself.

There was a casting posted on Actor's Access last week for girls to portray Princess Tiana (from the new Disney film "The Princess and the Frog") at the private screenings that will be taking place in NYC this holiday season before the film's wide release. I'm a huge fan of animated Disney films and have been following this film for over a year, so I was geeked about the chance to be a part of such a ground breaking movie. Princess Tiana is the first black Disney princess in the 70 years since the first princess made her debut.

The casting was listed as an open call but I decided to submit my photo anyway. I wanted them to see my face before everyone else's. Well.......later that afternoon, I received a phone call from the production manager of the event. She had seen my headshot and called me to make sure that I would be present for the casting. Naturally, I said I would be. Then, later that evening, I got ANOTHER call from another PM (a male) requesting my presence. Needless to say, I was very excited to have been contacted twice about this event, especially since it was an open call.

I showed up right at 10am (Friday, October 2nd) for the open call, the same time that it was scheduled to begin. I knew I should have come earlier but that would have been too much effort. The place was packed!! I thought they would be seeing just "Tianas" but it turns out they were casting for ALL NINE princesses, so there were girls of pretty much every ethnic background there. By the time I got the sign in sheet, I was number 160 and about 240 girls showed up altogether.

Luckily it was very organized. They were bringing groups of 15-20 at a time (based on their numbers) into a separate studio to have polaroids taken. By the time they got to around 115, they started from the beginning again and had girls going in groups of 30 or so to a dance studio where we had to learn a short dance to showcase our grace and poise. After performing the dance for one of the main casting directors for Disney, she made cuts. If you made the cut, you were given sides to read on the next round.

When I went up to get my polaroid taken, the female PM who called me the day before (I do remember her name but don't feel comfortable posting it at this time) saw my headshot and instantly recognized me! She said hi and snapped my photo. After the group finished, I pulled her aside because I was very crunched for time. I had two more auditions at 12, 12:30, and a booking for MTV at 1pm. I told her about my time constraints and she went ahead and had my measurements taken. Woo hoo! When I went in to do the dance, I was so nervous! We were split into 3 groups of 10 after learning the dance and performed in those groups for the casting director. After each group performed twice, the CD called us out by name into groups of 6. You did the dance once, then she axed the people she didn't like. It was brutal.

I was the third to last group to dance and prior to mine, she had only kept 3 girls. After doing the dance, she cut everyone in my group except for me. She ended up keeping a few more girls in the last groups, bringing the total down from about 34 to 6 or 7. We were all given sides to read over for the acting portion of the audition. All of the "Tianas" were given special sides to read (three to choose from) and notes that specified her mannerisms and accent. The film in set in New Orleans so she has a Southern accent. Thank heavens I'm from Texas! At this point, I was feeling very confident about my chances. Did I mention I look like her?

While I waited to audition for the CDs, I was all over the phone calling my agents getting my other auditions rescheduled because it was already after 12 by this point. Finally the main PM (the one that called me) made an announcement that the remaining girls would be split into two large groups and brought in all at once. I almost died when she said that because that meant we would have to act in front of everyone else! My name wasn't called for the first group but as the girls were rounded up into the first room, she came over and told me to come in with the first group since I was on a tight schedule. I was the last person to walk into the room and she announced in front of everyone that I would have to read first....in front of everyone.

Once again....I almost died.

She then went on to announce to the entire group (I estimate there were 40-60 girls in there) that everyone would read first, then they would make a cut. If you made the cut, you would read again on camera, and then you would have a digital photo taken and measurements. My measurements had already been taken. *wink*wink*

Then I got called up to read first. I had read the sides and was very comfortable with them, so I wasn't nervous except for the fact that I was first, and had to go in front of EVERYBODY. So I stood in the middle of the room in front of the CD, both PMs, and the choreographer (not to mention 40-60 girls) and I read the first set of sides. I felt really great and all of the Disney people were smiling big as I read. After I finished, the main PM and the CD chatted about me, then the PM asked the camera man to set up the camera right away. All of the girls were looking confused and I could feel a lot of tension behind me. The PM announced to everyone that this situation was unusual and that the casting process would go as planned for everyone else. It was literally ALL EYES ON ME. I'm not gonna lie, it felt great.

After the camera was set up, they asked me to slate and read again. I asked the CD if she needed me to make any adjustments and she told me that she loved the way I read it the first time and to do it the same way again. So I read again, and thanked everyone. The main PM got up and asked me to come with her so she could take my photo. All of the other girls were staring at me as I went to grab my bag and I left to finish the last part of my audition. :)

The next step is for the tapes to be sent to Los Angeles where more casting personnel for Disney will look over the tapes and make a final decision. The job starts on November 25th and runs through mid December. I want this so bad, but I think I have a great shot and getting it. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

As for my other auditions and booking, timewise, everything worked out perfectly. It was a great day.

Progress Report

1. Booked and shot a promo for MTV that begins airing October 7th. That's tomorrow!

2. Booked a short film that I shoot next month.

3. Booked another short film that I had to turn down.

4. Currently on hold for a hand sanitizer commercial. Been on hold for a week and will find out tomorrow! Keep those fingers crossed.

5. Was released from the SAG Capital One commercial. :(

6. Had a bajillion other auditions that I haven't heard anything about yet (either too late or too soon): Lowe's commercial, print ad for Abilify, a couple of other short films, YooStar commercial, Nintendo DS commercial, and a few things I can't remember.

Thanks so much for reading my novel this week! I hope it was as entertaining for you as it was exciting for me.