February 27, 2010

Major Updates Y'all

Hello everyone, these past few weeks have been very busy and I've been keeping quiet because I didn't want to discuss things until I was sure they were taking place. Didn't want to jinx anything. Since my last post, I've met with commercial agents at 3 great agencies: Innovative, Paradigm, and Buchwald. All three meetings went very well and I know that at least one wants to sign me.....because I had a second meeting with them and they told me. :) I'm meeting with my manager on Monday to discuss my options and decide where we want to go from here. I don't know what the other two agencies think of me because I haven't spoken to my manager about it yet, but I'll know for sure on Monday. In the next week or two, I'll be signed to a commercial agency and I'll tell you which one I sign with.

On Tuesday, I'm shooting a promo for a TV show on Comedy Central. It's an AFTRA job and my very first union gig so I'm super excited!!

In other big news...okay HUGE NEWS, I have an audition next week for a pilot! I won't discuss the specifics, but this pilot is for a major network and will be appealing mostly to the teen crowd. No, it's not Disney. :P

This is my first audition through Talent House and my agent over there called me yesterday about it. I was afraid that they had forgotten about me but he told me that they were waiting for the right match for me. The character is listed as a series regular meaning she will appear in every (or almost every) episode. I have my sides and read the entire script for the pilot and I'm super excited about this opportunity and I hope that I get great feedback if nothing else. The script is really cool and very different from anything I've ever imagined myself doing, so it will be fun if I get the chance to play this character. Please everyone, send me positive energy!

Progress Report

1. I was placed on hold for another SAG commercial but was released. Same thing happened for a photoshoot for Shell Gasoline. Progress nonetheless!!


  1. positive energy--wwhooosh! congratulations lady!!!!! so proud of YOU!

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I'm happy to c you making it out there! Break a leg and much more success! Marco De Castro

  3. sending you positive energy all around!!

    So proud of you Andrea!

  4. Congrats!!! Many blessings to you Andrea! You are my inspiration hun :D

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