March 23, 2010

I Hate To Leave Y'all Hangin...

But I've been sooooo busy!! *does a booty dance*

I signed with Buchwald (Don Buchwald and Associates or DBA) for commercial representation. I was offered representation by Innovative, and Buchwald, Paradigm wanted to freelance. It took me a few days to choose, but ultimately, I felt that Buchwald was a better fit. The contract was huge! It took me forever to read the entire thing and I had to sign several copies of each document, it was pretty cool. I've already gone out for two big commercial auditions, one for Starbucks (got a callback) and the other is for CoverGirl, but it's too soon to know anything about this one, it shoots next week.

Talent House has been blowing my mind with the tv/film auditions that I've been getting. I had two pilot auditions (lead roles) for the CW (they ended up casting "name actors".....go figure, and one of them was cast before I even got to audition, lol) and an audition for a new HBO show called Treme. On Thursday, I have an audition for a scene in a feature film starring Michael C. Hall and Lucy Liu, and for a new character (series regular) on Days of Our Lives. Yowza!! I'm super excited about both of them and I hope that I do well.

I'm going to try to update my blog more often, even if it's just to write a few sentences. :)

Progress Report

1. Shot a promo for a Comedy Central show called Important Things with Demetri Martin. It was my first union job (AFTRA) and was a lot of fun. It's already airing on tv although I haven't seen it. I play a pissed off girlfriend who throws a drink in her boyfriend's face.

2. Shot for Babies R Us for the 5th time.

3. Did a really fun shoot for Gerber. (I've been getting a lot of young mom stuff lately)

4. Shot an industrial for Polo Ralph Lauren. It was a two day shoot in NJ and we were put up in a very nice hotel for two nights. Had a blast, despite the 4am call time each morning!!

5. As soon as I got back, I had to speed off to a SAG short film audition. I was so exhausted that I REALLY bombed this one. The CD had called me in a million times before and told me that she specifically thought of me for this role. I'm pretty sure she regretted that after this audition. LOL??