March 23, 2010

I Hate To Leave Y'all Hangin...

But I've been sooooo busy!! *does a booty dance*

I signed with Buchwald (Don Buchwald and Associates or DBA) for commercial representation. I was offered representation by Innovative, and Buchwald, Paradigm wanted to freelance. It took me a few days to choose, but ultimately, I felt that Buchwald was a better fit. The contract was huge! It took me forever to read the entire thing and I had to sign several copies of each document, it was pretty cool. I've already gone out for two big commercial auditions, one for Starbucks (got a callback) and the other is for CoverGirl, but it's too soon to know anything about this one, it shoots next week.

Talent House has been blowing my mind with the tv/film auditions that I've been getting. I had two pilot auditions (lead roles) for the CW (they ended up casting "name actors".....go figure, and one of them was cast before I even got to audition, lol) and an audition for a new HBO show called Treme. On Thursday, I have an audition for a scene in a feature film starring Michael C. Hall and Lucy Liu, and for a new character (series regular) on Days of Our Lives. Yowza!! I'm super excited about both of them and I hope that I do well.

I'm going to try to update my blog more often, even if it's just to write a few sentences. :)

Progress Report

1. Shot a promo for a Comedy Central show called Important Things with Demetri Martin. It was my first union job (AFTRA) and was a lot of fun. It's already airing on tv although I haven't seen it. I play a pissed off girlfriend who throws a drink in her boyfriend's face.

2. Shot for Babies R Us for the 5th time.

3. Did a really fun shoot for Gerber. (I've been getting a lot of young mom stuff lately)

4. Shot an industrial for Polo Ralph Lauren. It was a two day shoot in NJ and we were put up in a very nice hotel for two nights. Had a blast, despite the 4am call time each morning!!

5. As soon as I got back, I had to speed off to a SAG short film audition. I was so exhausted that I REALLY bombed this one. The CD had called me in a million times before and told me that she specifically thought of me for this role. I'm pretty sure she regretted that after this audition. LOL??


  1. Big things a'gwan!! LOL.I hope you get the spot on Days, that would be amazing. Love that pic of you with the pearls, Beeee-you-ti-ful!!

  2. so proud of you Andrea :) Congrats

  3. Thank you Christine, I appreciate that.

    Jas, you're very sweet, but never envy people! It's counterproductive. Whenever I find myself coveting the achievements of others, I use it as motivation to step up my game! Sometimes it's hard, but you'll love yourself more for it. Email me if you ever need advice.

  4. YAAAY!!!! You're doing so well. GO YOU GO YOU ::doin booty dance in your honor:: GO YOU GO YOU!!!
    I know you're feeling great!! Keep up the momentum....

  5. Thanks, Andrea :D I will email you for any advice and you're right!

    I should use this as motivation but it's hard sometimes

  6. Hi!

    I randomly stumbled across your blog, and I think it's brilliant! I am still relatively new to the acting world in NYC and it's inspirational to see a fellow actor thriving in this industry. You go girl!

    I'll be sure to start checking in on your blog more regularly; congrats on signing with Buchwald!!