October 1, 2010

September Was Very Good To Me

So here is a breakdown of my September....

September 1st
  • Auditioned for a non-union commercial for the SyFy channel
  • Had a photoshoot for Glamour Magazine
  • Had a print casting for Huggies, booked it.
September 7th
  • Had a print casting for Belkin, booked it.
  • Auditioned for a SAG Axe commercial.
September 8th
  • Auditioned for a promo for TV One, booked it and I shoot it October 4th.
  • Auditioned for a non-union Burlington Coat Factory commercial.
September 14th
  • Auditioned for a Comedy Central Promo
  • Auditioned for a non-union Boston Market Commercial
September 15th
  • Took Geoff Soffer's "Auditioning for TV Intensive" for the second time.
September 16th
  • Auditioned for a SAG short film called "Hard Luck", got a callback.
September 21st
  • Did photoshoot for Belkin.
  • Began a new scene study class at The Barrow Group Theatre.
September 22nd
  • Did photoshoot for Huggies.
September 23rd
September 24th
  • Photoshoot for It's A Wig.
September 28th
  • Auditioned for ARMS commercial.
  • Had a callback for "Hard Luck" short film.
September 29th
  • Auditioned form a web series, was a top pick but did not book it.
September 30th
  • Met with two agents at Judy Boals for theatrical representation. I have a second meeting/performance assessment on October 27th.
  • Auditioned for a web commercial for Plan B.
  • Auditioned for a role in the play, "Uncle Tom's Cabin".

September was a really great month for me and I got a lot accomplished. I also got new headshots which got me called in for several of the projects that I auditioned for and booked this past month. Check them out!

Legit Shot

Commercial Shot