November 22, 2010

Finding Your Own Path

When I meet new people, especially actors/models who are just starting out, I'm frequently asked what steps I've taken in order to have done what I've accomplished so far. When you're doing research and trying to figure things out, it's really temping to try to mimic the choices that others have made in their careers. I think it's way too easy to get caught up in what others have done. Go on any message board centered around acting, and you will find countless posts where actors post some story about what some famous actor did to become a star.

Just because it worked for Al Pacino, or Julia Roberts, or Halle Berry does NOT mean it will work for you. We can all be headed to the same destination, but every single one of us is on a different path to get there. Many of us won't even make it there. Some actors/models read my blog and see me post about something that I did to get an agent or manager and they think that they can do the same thing. It may work, it may not.

There are many little things that factor into a situation working out in your favor. Perhaps when you and a friend each emailed that agent, they didn't call you in because they already had a girl just like you, but your friend with red hair and freckles got signed because the agent didn't have anyone of her type on their talent list. Or maybe your headshot sucked. Or maybe you remind them of their ex-husband. Or maybe they will see you in a commercial next year, call you back, and sign you. You both made the same effort in the same way, but got different results because you both aren't on the same path. It happens all the time.

Such is life.

Actors/models spend way too much time focusing on the person next to them. We spend too much time measuring our own successes/failures against what the person next to us is doing. Forget about them! Focus on you!


  1. Hey, that's some great advice there which I am sure many people will take to heart and hopefully learn from when finding themselves faced with similar questions on their own journeys to pursuing their future careers.

    Too often I believe people in this world are spending so much time, money, and effort to try and change themselves to be like someone else that's big out there or whatever society deems is acceptable. When in reality, God made us so unique to the point that there is NO ONE else out there like us in this world. I think people should want to embrace the beauty of that concept and rejoice in the way that God created them originally to be =).

  2. thanks for this post Andrea because its so easy to compare yourself to others when they are doing exactly what you desire to do. I've failed victim to that a few times. Now I just embrace the fact that it's just not my time, that I have to go through whatever now to get to the greatness that's in store for. Now I just help those that are able to actively pursue their career and give props when its do! When my time comes...I'll be ready! :-) Stay Blessed and I wish you much success!!

  3. Thanks for your comments Tae and Yogi!! You are both so right!! At times, even I suffer from this. It's so easy to lose your focus, but as long as you get back on track, that's all that matters.

  4. But see thats sooo easy for you to say. because you're not struggling.

    You got it going on. so its easy to sit up there and say this. You wouldnt book half of the jobs if it wasnt your looks. You're a pretty girl. Not everyone is pretty

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  6. Becca, thanks for your comment. It inspired to me to write a post. I hope you read it and get something out of it.

    "Only Pretty People Book Jobs"

  7. Andrea your blog is inspirational. Especially the find your own path blog. I've slowed my own progress down because I wanted to mimic the route of other people.