November 1, 2010

October Progress Report

I think from now on I'm going to post one monthly progress report with posts centered on advice/issues in between. I already have 4 posts written up so they will be ready to post in regular intervals.

So anyway, here was my past month in "The Business":

October 4th
  • Shot a Promo for TV One.
October 5th
  • Callback for "Hardluck" short film. Booked it! I think the name will be changed to something else.
October 6th
  • Callback for Plan B casting from September 30th.
October 7th
  • Orientation for One On One.
October 10th
  • Booked short film titled "Father's Day" that I auditioned for on the 8th.
October 11th
  • Auditioned for an AT&T voice over.
October 15th
  • Casting for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Had to leave before being seen because I'd been kept waiting too long and had other places to be.
October 17th
  • Short film audition.
October 19th
  • Photo shoot for test prep material book.
October 21st
  • Print casting for Clairol shoot, given a callback and placed on hold.
  • Audition for a Mag Swing industrial.
October 23rd
  • Auditioned for a promo for OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).
  • Auditioned for a Search Engine non-union commercial, given callback.
October 26th
  • Clairol callback.
  • Auditioned for birth control industrial.
  • Search Engine commercial callback.
October 27th
  • Had my second meeting with Judy Boals Inc. I performed a monologue...still waiting to hear decision on representation from my manager.
  • Had an audition for a recurring role on "One Life to Live". It was rescheduled for November 2nd.
October 28th
  • Print casting for Saphris.
October 29th
  • Auditioned for an under five role on "Law and Order: SVU", was given a callback the same day. I meet the producers November 2nd.

It was a pretty great month and I get to start November with some gigantic auditions!


  1. Girl, you are doing so well. I wish you all the best with your goals....You are going to make it big one day, I can sense it. God bless you hon....Keep up the fight...


  2. Well you are definitley beautiful. Wish you the best and hope you book some awsome jobs!

  3. Wowzers! New follower and aspiring actress. You are doing the damn thing! Congratulations. Can't wait to catch up on reading more of your blog!