December 7, 2010

My First Role On TV!

Hey everyone, I recently posted that I booked an under five on an episode of Law & Order: SVU. The episode aired on December 1st and I truly regret not posting a blog entry to let everyone know. I'd just moved into a new apartment and that whole week was insane! I'm so sorry for that.

But, I've come across a clip of the teaser (opening of the show) in which I appear. It's on Hulu so if you have an account you can see the entire episode. If not, the clip is the first 1:20 seconds of the episode. This is the only part that I appear in so, either way, you'll get to see my performance. The show opens with a big party scene. If for some reason the link doesn't work, please let me know. I really hope you enjoy!!



  1. Was it more than one take? What was the experience like? Oh congrats by the way.

  2. the link is broken

  3. 1. Yes, we did more than one take for each scene, I would say around 5 takes per scene. It was a pretty quick process. I was in and out in about 7 hours, including makeup, dinner, rehearsals, and shooting. We had a lot of fun, everyone was very laid back, but still professional!

    2. Really? I just tested the link and it worked fine for me. Maybe check your browser or internet connection. I will try to find another link to the episode and post that as well, just in case.

  4. Um, blog stalker checking in. :) I've always wanted to act and model, but somehow I felt it was, I don't know, reserved for a special type of person, a type of person that I thought I was not and could not be. But your blog has shown me that with hard work and true passion, I too can do it. I mean, you're real, and you're doing it. Thank you!

  5. @Timlou_x, I'm so happy that I've been able to help people realize that they can do it too. Some people make it seem soooo intangible, but it really just takes some guts, hard work, and perseverance! I wish you a great deal of luck!!