February 15, 2011

I Am Lucky, Indeed

So the past few weeks have been pretty eventful for me. This is especially great because toward the end of January, I'd begun composing a blog post titled "JANUARY SUCKED!!". I'm relieved I was able to change my mind.

As I type this, I'm sitting in a gorgeous hotel suite in Toronto. I flew in on Valentine's Day to film another commercial for Dove chocolate. I shot my spot today, and even though I'm supposed to be home right now, production was slightly behind schedule and I missed my flight. I was put up in a hotel again and will fly back early in the morning.

Keep reading after photos from the set:

It's actually quite lucky that I booked this commercial. Last Tuesday I shot an ad for Verizon for the FOURTH time! I hadn't slept much the night before and as soon as I got home from shooting (around 2:30pm) I silenced my phone, washed my face, stripped down, and climbed into my glorious king sized bed for a long nap. I woke up around 5:30pm to a handful of voice mails and an email from my manager written in ALL CAPS.

Shit, what did I miss!?

The first voice mail message was from one of my print agents at PMG asking about my availability that Thursday. Verizon loved me and wanted to book me for another day at the same rate. Yes!

The other voice mails were from my manager, commercial agent, and commercial agent's assistant telling me that I'd been called in last minute to audition for a Dove commercial and that the producers (who were all in Toronto) would be casting their choices the very next day based on tape. For whatever reason, I was not a part of the original casting. Callbacks had been the day before and the producers had not found all that they were looking for and wanted to see a few more people. The commercial director, Kathy, was the same director for the last commercial and she specifically asked to see my tape. The casting director would only be there until 6:30 and she was going to personally wait for me. It was 5:30. I flew out of bed, reapplied my makeup in light speed, dressed and ran out the door to hail a taxi at 5:50pm.

I got to the office and the elevator wouldn't take me up, meaning the office was closed. I called the CD's office: no answer. I called my manager's office: no answer. I called my manager's cell: no answer. It was now 6:32 and I was hysterical. Just then, my phone rang and it was my commercial agent. I don't know why I didn't think to call him in the first place. It turns out that I misheard the name of the casting director. I was supposed to go to see Donna DeSeta in Soho. I went to Donna Grossman in Chelsea. I know all of these addresses by heart so all I have to hear is a CD's name or a studio name and I just go. I fucked up. I'd never made a mistake like this before, especially when the stakes were so high.

At this point, I was in tears and my agent told me to relax, that all of the stress would be worth it, and to just hop on the train. Luckily, the closest train to DeSeta has a station right next to Grossman. I got there at about 6:45 and Ms. DeSeta was the only one there. I was extremely apologetic about keeping her waiting but she was so nice to me and told me not to worry about it. I gave myself a moment to relax and went into the room with her. For the audition, I had to playfully eat an ice cream bar. Simple.

The next morning my commercial agent called me. Generally, when I book a job or receive an audition time, everything goes through my manager first. But, after the ordeal from the previous night, he wanted to deliver the happy news to me himself. It was definitely worth it!

Progress Report/Summary

1. Shot another SAG commercial for Dove Chocolate

2. Shot Verizon twice in one week, bringing my total up to 5 times working with them.

3. Did a wig shoot on Friday the 11th

4. Performed in a live event for Puma where I played a 16 year old soccer player. It was to launch their new spring line of athletic wear for teens, and announce the new Pink soccer jersey giving awareness to Breast Cancer. It was introduced by several members of professional women's soccer teams.


  1. My Idol indeed you are! Been waiting for a blog from you to see what you've been up to! You betta WERK! Congrats on all the work!

  2. WOW!! This info was good to hear. I am so glad things are going well for you, as they should. Keep up the hard work girl!! Love and miss you TONS!!

    P.S. I just fell in love with your hair.... AGAIN...

  3. things are definitely looking good chica!! God Bless!

  4. Wow, the past few weeks sound like they've been amazing for you! Congratulations! I'm just starting out as an actress/model and will definitely be living vicariously until my own career gets going lol.

    P.S. How exactly does one playfully eat an ice cream bar? I tried it and I just look ridiculous!

  5. Thank you all for your comments!

    Dannielle, eating an ice cream bar in a 'playful' manner is pretty simple. You just smile a lot, giggle, and don't be afraid to lick your fingers ....in a non-sexual manner of course. Casting directors love that stuff.