March 18, 2011

March Is Moving Along Nicely...

So far this month has been kind of slow. I haven't had very many auditions aside from a teen CW pilot, and a new TV show that's being produced by Queen Latifah. I don't want to say which show, but I'm sure a quick google search might tell you which show that is. ;)

I've also been booked by Puma again. They will be shooting me for two days next week. This means I will have worked with them 4 times in the past two months. The last shoot was pretty easy, other than the fact that we shot outside and it was about 25°. Mmmhmmm, that's right. This shoot is supposed to be outside as well, but considerably warmer. Hopefully.

In other news, I just shot a "guest star" role on a comedy web series called "Stay At Home Dad". It's about a man named Brandon who, due to the poor economy, loses his job on Wall Street and becomes a stay at home dad. He's a crude asshole and this show chronicles his offensive exploits. It's already been up and running since last summer and has garnered quite a bit of buzz. The new episodes (including the one that I shot) will be aired on I had an amazing time shooting and the episode is going to be hilarious.

I play "Christy", a super hot woman working out at the gym. Brandon spends the duration of his "workout" trying out inventive ways to stare at my breasts and butt without being seen. Except, I see everything and eventually confront him. My episode only took a couple of hours to shoot (each episode is only a few minutes in length) and the director, Adam Jones, was great. As soon as my episode airs, I'll be sure to post it on the blog and my website for anyone who wishes to see it!

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