May 26, 2011

Another TV Gig, Another Let Down

I booked How to Make It In America!!! The very day that I posted my last update, I got the call after finding out that I had also booked the Citi Financial commercial that I'd mentioned. I was very excited to know that I'd be filming HTMIIA the next day and then flying to Los Angeles for a commercial shoot a few days later.

Filming HTMIIA was a lot of fun. I only had one line (well, one word if I'm being completely honest), but I'm in most of the scene that I shot. depends on how they edit the scene of course. Never count your chickens before they hatch, right? *sigh* Am I being cynical?


I worked with the two stars (Bryan Greenburg & Victor Rasuk) as well as another actor (Nick Chinlund) who plays another major character. It was probably the most laid back set that I've been on and I had a great time watching the guys perform. They're pretty amazing. In between shots, we all sat around chatting and they could not have been nicer to me and they complimented me on my performance.....even though I didn't really do much. It was still very sweet and appreciated though.

I filmed from 7am to about 2pm and when I left the set, I got a call from my manager. He told me that the Citi Financial commercial shoot was no longer happening. I'm still kind of fuzzy on all of the details, but the gist of it is that they decided to hire LA actors rather than fly NYC actors across the country.

While I was disappointed that I wouldn't be doing the commercial, I was even more disappointed by the fact that I didn't get to go to Los Angeles! I've never been and was really looking forward to spending a few days there. I'm also irritated with the producers/clients for putting me through all of that crap, only to change their mind a day later. Ah take the good with the bad I guess.

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