July 27, 2011

Quick Update

A few days after my last post, I flew to Texas with my husband for 4 days to visit my mom and sisters. My niece and nephews were an absolute JOY to be around and we all had so much fun! I also ate like a pig....an indulgence that I'm still recovering from. I practically lived off of Reese's blizzards from Diary Queen, Jamoca milkshakes from Arby's, and AUTHENTIC southern sweet tea. These are three of my favorite things and none of them are available in NYC so of course I made up for lost time while there.

I'd had a couple of auditions the week before I left, but nothing came to fruition. Because the past month has been so slow, I expected to come home to a quiet week. But, as soon as I got to Texas, I started getting calls and emails for upcoming castings/auditions. When we made it back to NYC on the 17th, my whole week had already been booked up!

I auditioned for 2 feature films, two print jobs, and two commercials. I booked one of the feature films, I'm on hold for one of the print jobs (HTC), I have a callback today for one of the commercials (Home Goods). I'm also auditioning for another feature film and have a print casting.

I'm just happy that things are getting back into full swing and episodic season is right around the corner!


  1. COOL!!! I enjoy your blog and always look forward to an entry, especially since I am also a fellow NYC actor and I want to do Tv and Film. Your also a great writter.
    Keep posting :)

  2. Hey, just wondering do you have a survival job? or did you have a survival job while you were working on booking steady jobs. Other than the waiting tables lol

  3. Hey I love your blog because o barely see blogs from NYC actors. Keep posting!

  4. Hey Andrea,

    Congrats on the CBS Stay at Home Dad short vid. It was funny and cute. You were great. I wish you the very best in your career.

    I saw Captain America last weekend, and for some reason when I was looking at Chris Evans, I couldn't help but think how stunning you would be in a romantic drama or comedy with him as your leading man!


  5. What book have you read that you would recommend other actors to read (acting related)

  6. Do you have any career coaches, your doing it up so big!

  7. Hey, before you had an agent. Where would you look for acting jobs.

  8. I will be a blog post in a day or two that answers all of these questions!


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