August 24, 2011

My First Role In A Major Feature Film

So, on the 15th. I shot a scene in my very first major feature film! It's a new film called "What Maisie Knew" and it's starring Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and Julianne Moore (The Kids Are Alright). I played 'Waitress' (lol) and had one line.

I originally auditioned for the role of 'Hostess', a role that had about 8 lines. I was placed on hold a few days after auditioning and was told that I was being considered for either the hostess part or or the waitress part. I had not seen the sides for the waitress part so when I was booked as the waitress and saw that I only had 2 lines (which was later reduced to 1), I'm not ashamed to say that I was very disappointed. And may have cried a little.

Which, in hindsight, is pretty stupid.

It's stupid because I booked a role in a major film, after auditioning for Avy Kaufman (a huge feature film CD in NYC) for the FIRST TIME! This means that I will certainly be called back in to audition for her in future and possibly for bigger parts. I was simply weeping for those meaty 8 lines, and that solid two minutes of screen time. The part that I got was not nearly as interesting, but it was still a huge accomplishment and I'm very thankful for the opportunity. They could have easily booked different girls on both parts.

I had a fabulous time on set. For one, rather than having a trailer, the day players were put up in their own hotel room at the W Hotel in Union Square. I got to order room service, lay in a plush bed, and watch tv (ok...sleep) for 4 hours while I waited to be called on set.

While it took only around an hour to shoot my scene, I got to chat with the incredibly sweet (and gorgeous) Alexander Skarsgard in between takes. We start the scene next to each at the bar, in the background, and then I walk into the shot to deliver my line. He reminded me to enjoy my moment and made jokes about not dropping my tray of drinks.

This experience was a great reminder to me that things don't always work out the way you plan, but they always work out for the best. :)

Progress Report

In other news, I've stayed pretty busy over the last few weeks. In addition to the feature, I also booked/worked on the following:

1. I booked another day player role in another feature film. It shoots in Connecticut on the 31st. I play "Sexy Hostess" and have two lines!

2. I shot another SAG national commercial for Home Goods. It's a holiday spot so it probably won't start running until late October, early November.

3. I shot a supporting role in a NYFA short film. The footage is going to be great for my reel and because there was a SAG contract, I'll be paid (eventually) for my work. The film was shot on a RED camera and the footage is so beautiful! I got to play a character that is blunt, intense, and kind of nasty. I had a blast!

4. I also booked a print job for HTC. It was a two part shoot for me and was a VERY long day. In the morning, I played a BMX biker chick which I had no idea I'd be doing. It was kind of odd, being put on a bike at a skate park with 3 skate boarders, but it turned out to be really fun. We just rode around the skate park, the actual park, and posed in front of a really nice cafe.

In the afternoon, I shot a picnic scene with my 'boyfriend', another 'couple', and their two cute 'kids'. The photographer was a lot of fun and this was probably the most physical shoot I've done to date. I was sore the next day when I woke up.


  1. Congrats on your first feature film and let it be the first of many to come!!! Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing fellow actors going after their dream.

  2. Congrats! Your posts always motivate me. I had a question. From reading your post it seems that up until recently you have been uber successful in the print and commercial world. How were you able to obtain a manager and great representation w/o a reel,etc and make the transition into to Film/TV? It is best to start out with a Commercial agent and then go from there? Thanks ahead of time

  3. Congratulations! It's cool that you were able to remain positive about the whole hostess and waitress thing. You were right, both parts could have been given to other girls but you got it so that's all that matters. I can't wait to see you in different projects and wish you all the best on your amazing journey of following your passion. It feels great, doesn't it? You have a fan in me :>

  4. At least they were still thinkiing of you and you got considered!

  5. Gosh you're so busy out there! I'm an actress in LA with a reputable agent and manager. I've done a lot of Disney and Nickelodeon work, so I have a decent resume. I'm actually coming out of a slow period, so its really fun to read your blog for inspiration. All the best in your career doll :).

  6. I've always known that you would be that shining star! Work it gurl! You're so ready!

  7. I'm so happy for you and your success. It's true that sometimes things don't work out the way we imagined, but they turn out great at the end.I'm jealous that you got to talk to Alexander, but I'm glad to know that he is a friendly and charming person. I really love acting, but unfortunately I don't think I have the skills to act. Good luck with your career :)

  8. Thats super cool, your going to grow from it.
    Have you ever written or filmed your own work?

  9. Thanks everyone! I really did get lucky and I have to remember to keep things in perspective.

    @MsKris, I do have a reel now, but when I signed with my agent, I only had one usable clip. I got my manager through one of my print agents. My manager wanted to help develop me from the ground up. Some managers only take on established clients. It just depends. He got me a meeting with my legit agent and they signed me. Some agents won't even meet with you without a reel, some will. Once again, it just depends. My agent was concerned that I didn't have much footage, but after meeting with me, he decided to help me build from the ground up. He saw my potential, thinks I have a great look, and thinks that I can be successful. Sometimes that's all that matters. That's why I always stress that actors find their own paths, we all take different roads to reach our goals. A lot of people say that you can't get an agent without a reel. I have friends that are told that they need a reel by agents/managers, but for me, that's hasn't been true.

    I can't say whether starting with a commercial agent is best because that's not what I did. I know that being signed with the commercial division of an agency can help you cross over to the legit side, but it's not guaranteed.

    @Calvin, I've never filmed my own work but I have played around with writing. I always start and then lose interest, haha. I'd like to take some screenwriting classes before I ever get serious about it though.

  10. Wow, I think I need to move to America?

    I'm so happy for you! I've only just started reading your blog but already I am so inspired! It gives me enormous amounts of hope!

    And Alexander Skarsgard!?!? I am beyond in absolute awe right now! Well done you! One day, that'll be me :)

  11. @MsKris: You're welcome!!

    @Elise: Thanks, I'm always happy to know that someone enjoys reading my blog!

  12. CONGRATS sweetie. I've been reading your blog from London, England and you've always inspired me. I KNOW you will get everything you desire because you are a sweet, caring soul.

  13. Thank you THE DUCHESNE! That's so sweet of you to say! Thanks for reading my blog. :)