August 31, 2011

Searching For An Agent Just Got Easier

I was recently contacted by the creators of this new website called Find The Best. It's a search engine that is designed to allow the user to filter based on the criteria that is most important to them. One of the great things about this search engine is that it's completely unbiased in it's content. You don't have to worry about companies paying for favorable reviews or top billing when people type in search tags that pertain to their business or trade.

I thought this wold be an excellent resource for actors who are on the hunt for new representation. Using Find the Best, you can filter through agencies based on name, location, or even the specific industries that the agency focuses on! Below, you can click on the link that was created just for Talent Agencies.

I also want you guys to know that in exchange for this post, I have not been compensated in any form other than being gifted a link on the website in order to make my blog more searchable. My blog is not monetized and I do not make money from my blog....yet. LOL

I have only agreed to post this because after checking out the site, I really do think it's a great tool for actors. Finding the right agency for you is tough, and this makes the search so much easier.


  1. Saw that you went to Barrow Group, how did you like it there?

  2. I'm dying to read a new blog post! How did the movie you shot on the 31st go?


  3. DEf going to check that out, btw do you know any other blogs from NY actors, love reading from them. Keep posting more!

  4. Where do you find monologues?

  5. How did you end up with you agent and manager? Can managers help you with getting agents etc? Did you do a lot of free work?

  6. I'm sorry for the late responses everyone! I'm going to answer each comment from the oldest to newest.

    @Anonymous (Sep 6): The Barrow Group was fine, but it wasn't for me. It was too theatre heavy and because of this, the scenes were way too long and some people didn't get as much time to work in class. I prefer straight technique classes over scene study.

    @chelsealynneharris: I will be updating about that film shoot soon!! Hang in there!

    @anonymous (Sep 10): The only other blog I know of/read is my BFFs, Diary of An Aspiring Actress.

    @anonymous (Sep 17): I have some monologue books that I bought from Drama Bookshop, there are also some monologue websites that you can find via google.

    @Jonothan: I have a post coming up in a day or two that details how I got my print agents and my manager. Yes, managers can help you get agents, in fact, I would consider that one of their job requirements, LOL. I got my theatrical agent through my manager.

    I have done a lot of free work, but I no longer work for free and haven't for about two years now.