September 22, 2011

Major Post, Ask Your Questions NOW!!

I'm working on a gigantic post about how to get started as a commercial print model. I have been getting SO MANY emails from people asking me this and it's time I finally made one master post that I can direct people to in the future. I may even need to break it up into more than one post because I've been EXTREMELY thorough in not only detailing what I did to get started, but what steps I recommend others take. I'm also talking about things to avoid such as pervy photographers and scams.

If there are any specific questions that you'd like addressed regarding how to get going as a print model, please leave a comment. I will be publishing the post sometime this weekend.



  1. This is great! Ok, do you think it's best to have comp card shot in order to obtain Commercial Agent Representation? In your experience are the majority of Commercial agencies in NYC only willing to sign their talent on as a freelance model? If your coming to NYC with just a great headshot how would one go about obtaining a commercial rep? What do yo normally wear to a Commercial Print Audition? How do you spin a successful commercial print modeling career into a successful on-camera career? Do you feel like Seminars say at Actors Connection is the best way to meet a Commercial Print Agent?

  2. Say someone who is like me, all they got is one student film, would it be ok for them to start going after commercials. OR would it be a bad idea since it can make them a SAG?

  3. Finally yyour posted!!! lol My question is, what is the best way to get under their radar when you dont have an agent?

  4. Hey..this is more a commercial question. How do I get a talent agent if I don't have a reel? Do I just submit pictures to the agency? I've already taken on-camera commercial classes.

  5. I'm so happy you're doing this.
    Lots and lots of questions to ask...
    1. How do you determine your type? Am I the girl next door, wall flower, leading lady etc? It seems important to know this for headshots and knowing what roles to submit for
    2. What sorts of photos should I have in my portfolio to start with?
    3. NY or LA??
    4. Do I really need an agent/agency to start?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Thanks for doing this!
    My question is, these commercial print castings go so quickly and might only involve a couple of photos, so what do you do to stand out/book it? I'm looking for things in my control that I can work on vs they want a different ethnicity or hair length etc.

  7. You should do a youtube channel, that would be so cool. Can you also talk about your experience of Acting Schools in NYC, what they were like and which one you like best. And which was afforable

  8. What are the turn off and turn ons Casting directors would find in a resume.

  9. I didn't want to have to ask this here because it's not a big question or anything but I'm curious. Did you ever take a picture for a Social Psychology textbook? lol
    I'm reading through my textbook now and I swear this is you! If not, you have a doppelganger! lol

  10. I'm currently signed with NTA in LA for commercial and print. I just shot my first print job through them (yay!) and am loving modeling. My question is: Can you have more than one print agent in a single market (LA/NY)? I never signed a contract with NTA for print so I'm assuming it's non-exclusive...? I'm not totally sure how it all works yet. I'm thinking of submitting to other major print agencies in LA but don't want to run into trouble.

  11. My main focus is on Tv/Film, do you think it is a must to have some theater background? Have you done theater and what was it lik?

  12. Casting directors seem to love you! Im glad. But how is it that your charm them?

  13. I think there may have been some confusion. I asked readers to ask questions regarding how to get started in commercial print. I received several questions pertaining to other things. I will post all of the questions, and will try to answer them in a future post. For any questions that are related to commercial print, I've incorporated the answers into the blog post.

    Sorry for the delay on the post, it's taken longer than expected!! It should go up in a day or two.


  14. Hi! I really love your blog!I have a few questions regarding commercial print modeling:
    1. Can one make a decent living working as a commercial print model or do you advise someone to do it part time? Like is the pay good? I was thinking of pursuing it as a career
    2. Is it true that it pays more than high fashion modeling?
    3. What is it like for black women in the commercial print modeling scene? Are jobs harder to come by for them? How frequently does one get jobs?
    4. I have never done commercial print modeling and I am currently 21 with no experience, is it too late to start?
    5. What kind of agencies are best to try and apply to be a commercial print model? Because I know that some agencies deal with both high fashion and commercial print (even the big ones like Ford if I am not mistaken), so should I apply into these, or should I simply go for ones that focus mainly on commercial print?
    6. How do I go about applying to an agency to become a commercial print modeling job? Do I need to send professionally done photos to agencies?
    7. What are the requirements to be a commercial print model?
    8. Finally, what are (in your opinion) the pros and cons of being a commercial print model?
    Thank you and forgive me for the long list of question :) am just really lost lol

  15. @ Lily, I pretty much answered all of your questions in my upcoming post.