January 22, 2012

SAG Screeners!!!

For those of you that aren't members of SAG, let me explain what screeners are.

Every January, in anticipation for the SAG awards, SAG sends all paid up members DVD copies of select award nominated films, as well as free movie tickets to new releases, and digital downloads. The reason why SAG does this is so that members can make informed decisions of who they would like to vote for. Plus, it's just a really nice perk of being a member and paying your dues on time. :)

This year, my DVD copies are: The Artist, Bridesmaids, The Descendants, The Help, and Moneyball.

For digital downloads, I have access to: J. Edgar, Midnight in Paris, The Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn, Warrior, Beginners, A Better Life, Albert Nobbs, and all of the films that were given to me as DVDs.

I was also given free tickets to see The Artist, My Week with Marilyn, and The Iron Lady in theaters if I so choose. I will watch The Artist at home, but will see the other two in theaters for sure.

So while some of the films are available in different formats, it gives me the option of seeing some of them in a way that is most convenient for me. I'm so excited!!

January 19, 2012

Q & A

Here are two questions that I received in the comments section of one of my last blog post:

Ryan asked....
"How can you get a manager? I'm a non sag and I have done some student films. I feel like the next step is to go after paid work and be a sag. Or would that be too soon? Also what do managers look for?"

--Getting a manager works pretty much the same way as getting an agent. You self-submit via mail or email, or you receive a referral from a friend. I can't say if joining SAG right now is too soon because I don't really know anything about you or your current resume. Joining the union is a personal choice, but in my opinion, you should not join SAG until you HAVE to.

Are you represented right now? Are you actively auditioning for SAG projects? If you aren't even auditioning for SAG projects, you should be concentrating on doing as many high quality student/indie films as you can so that you can build up your resume and get a great reel.

As for what managers look for, I have no idea. Just like agents, every manager is different. Some managers like actors that they can help develop into working actors, while other managers like actors that are already working. It's up to you to do the research and find out which managers are looking for what it is that you have to offer.

Clement asked...
"How did you make the change from non union free work to paid SAG work? How did you land your first SAG job?"

--I moved from non-union work around the time that I started auditioning for SAG commercials. I had done a handful of non-union commercials up until that point and was able to land a great commercial agent. My first SAG job was a national commercial for CitiBank. The next day, I did another national for Dove chocolate. A couple of months later, I booked my first TV role on a SAG show, forcing me to join the union. I haven't working anything non-union since then.

Leo asked...
Are postcards worth it?
Have you tried any of your own creative was to get under a casting director's radar?

--As for your second question, I can't say that I've really done anything creative. I've had representation for quite some time and they have been instrumental in getting me through the doors of really great casting directors. This leads me to your first question...

Post cards are a great way to stay on a CD's radar. They are way cheaper than full size headshots and the postage is cheaper too. Anytime you have a career update or just want to say hi, you can write one up and toss it in the mail. Many times, post cards end up with the letter mail because of their smaller size. That means it's much more likely that the CD will not only see the postcard, but also read it. If you are sending them regularly, the CD is more likely to remember you when a role that you are perfect for comes along.

January 16, 2012

New Year Update

Ok, so like many others, my December was pretty slow. I had one print casting and an audition for an indie feature that I didn't even get a callback for. Booooo.

The highlight of my month was a pretty big one though! I booked a co-star role on the heavily promoted "SMASH". If you haven't heard of it (um, where have you been?) it's a new TV drama being executive produced by Steven Spielberg. No, I didn't get to meet him, haha. I think the show premiers on February 6th, but I believe I'm in episode 9 which means my episode won't air until late March or early April.

Anyway, I played a rude casting assistant in a scene with both Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty, the stars of the show. These two lovely ladies could not have been more kind, sweet, and likable. They made me feel included and comfortable. Sometimes, when you're playing a small part on a show, it can be awkward because the cast and crew has already been working together for weeks and they have a dynamic that you're not really a part of. I was made to feel like part of the team for the day it was a good feeling.


January has been painfully slow. I had one commercial audition and callback. I didn't book it, though.

Now that the holidays are over and things are (sort of) starting to pick back up, I'm thinking about where I'm at in my career and what my goals are for the year. I'm meeting with my manager and agents this week to discuss the "plan of attack" and I feel as though I'm already on the right track, but I could definitely amp up the effort that I'm putting forth.

I really want to take the next few months to focus all of my attention on studying my craft (I kind of hate that phrase) and feeling more confident as an actor. Last year, I put so much emphasis on the business side of being an actor that I began to forget what I love about performing. I start a new advanced class next month and I'm really excited.

And OBVIOUSLY, the much anticipated pilot season has begun. I don't really know what to expect this year but this is something that I'll discuss with my reps this week. I hope that I get more auditions than I did last year, but you just never know.

Enough of my ramblings for now. If anyone has questions or comments that you'd like me to address in future posts, just send me an email or leave a comment.

January 14, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone! First, I want to thank everyone that left a comment on my last blog post. I'm sorry that it took me so long to post them. The holidays were very hectic and once they ended, I just needed to take a break from everything acting related and relax!

I will begin posting once more in a few days so please stay tuned!! I hope everyone's 2012 is off to a productive and positive start!