May 22, 2012

Update 1: Finances and Pilot Season

Thanks to all of the readers that have been posting comments and sending me emails asking about me. I know that I've been absent for a while, but I really appreciate the continued support. These past few months have been interesting, fun, frustrating, disappointing, and full of some hard learned lessons.

I have a bit to say so get comfortable.....


For starters, I have not booked a job since my last update in February. That's been a tough pill for me to swallow because I was booking at least one job per month for a solid two years straight. I was very proud of that and, to be honest, I'm struggling with the fact that I'm having such a cold period. Up until a few weeks ago, I was filled with self-doubt and dreaming up all manner of crazy excuses/reasons for my current slow down. Even commercially, I'm being placed on hold every now and then, but not booking. I've only gotten a couple of print castings in the past 4 months. 

For two straight years, I've always had at least one paycheck coming in, whether from tv/film, commercial work, or print. Since things have slowed down, so has my income. But at the same time, the farther I get in my career, the bigger my expenses become. I won't divulge how much I earned last year, but I will say that my income bumped me and my hubby (I out-earned him for the first time) into a scary new tax bracket, about 98% of that coming from my work as an actor and model. I generally work a part time job for about 4-6 months a year, usually in the spring/summer. This is to take care of my day to day expenses (I also contribute to me and my husband's joint savings account) because sometimes you have to wait weeks or even a few months to get paid for an acting/print gig. Anyway, that makes up the other 2% or so that I earn each year. About 30% of what I earned last year went to commission to my agents and manager. Another 10% went to miscellaneous expenses such as classes, headshots, clothing, etc. And then about 20%-25% went to taxes. On top of what was deducted from my checks throughout the year, I still owe the government several thousand dollars in taxes. 

So naturally, I got a new part-time job. I quit my last part-time job this past October and I was SURE that I was done doing work outside of my career as an actress/model. I was wrong. Another tough pill to swallow. If I were still booking monthly, as I had been for two years straight, I would not need to this new part-time gig. It sucks, but it's what I have to do. I'm the head hostess at a new restaurant and I'm actually really enjoying working there. The staff is really cool, probably one of the best I've ever worked with. The managers are great and one of them is also an actor so he's really understanding of my schedule limitations. I was a bit depressed on my first day, but I've settled into my new routine of working weekends. 

Pilot Season

Pilot season was a lot of fun and I got to audition for many series regular roles. I even had one callback for a pilot that I was PERFECT for....except for the fact that I'm not a professional dancer, which is what the role ultimately called for. I'm actually STILL auditioning for pilots even though, technically, pilot season is over.

This is the first time in my career that I've felt comfortable going in for these major roles and I've been enjoying my auditions. I still get nervous depending on how unprepared I am, but I try not to let it throw me off. I'd already auditioned for the CDs that brought me in for pilots so they knew my work. All of the feedback has been really great. The bottom line is that 90% of the parts that I auditioned for were offered to name actors and/or established stars. I get it and I'm not upset. My goal is to plow through this year's episodic season and add some guest-star and recurring roles to my resume. My agents and manager all agree that I've done enough co-star roles and it's time to move up the ladder.

Oh and speaking of co-star roles, my episode of SMASH aired in April. I was on episode 10 so if you have OnDemand, go check it out. My scene is in the first 10 minutes of the episode. I'm currently working on putting together a reel and when it's done, I will post it for everyone to see.

I have a couple more updates focusing on feature films and classes lined up, and those are scheduled to post in the next couple of weeks. I'm also going to tackle the questions that people have been leaving in the comments section of my last couple of posts. Thanks again for hanging in there with me. :)


  1. Hey there, sorry to hear about the slow bookings. But dont let it get to you, remember that you have gone far in your career. Ex. Your getting auditions for lead roles for pilots. Congrats to that!!!
    I always look forward to your blog, its very motivating. Good luck to everything!

  2. I am happy to hear about those pilots!
    Dont feel down about the no booking, I started my career and it has been slow. But I know I have to work much harder, and keep faith. My goal is to have tons of film by this year.

  3. Thank you so much for the update. I'm really sorry to hear about the slow bookings.keep fighting. Don't ever give up on your dream.

  4. Hey Andrea,
    So happy to hear from you! Girl, you will be back to booking in no time. Don't even sweat it :)

    As you know I moved to the area at the end of Feb. and I'm still trying to get my footing. Taking lots of classes, getting know CD's, but it's been tough. Little fish, huge pond! Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hey Andrea,
    It is always good to hear from you.
    I am so sorry about you not booking but I truly believe that what doesn't kill you make you stronger so everything will workout for your goods :) Keep you head up.


  6. Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone!!


  7. This blog is compelling. Thanks for being so honest and authentic about what it's like to pursue any kind of creative endeavor. You are literally putting yourself out there to be judged and that takes courage, so the best of luck to you.