May 27, 2012

Update 2: Feature Films and Q&A

So, in my last update, I stated that I had not booked anything since February. I started writing that post a couple of weeks ago and didn't feel like re-writing that part. I say this because last week I booked two supporting roles in two feature films. Both films are indies, one starring Michael Rapaport (my scene is with him and I'm CRAZY excited because I'm a big fan). I also have a callback for a lead in another indie feature. By the time this posts, I will probably know whether or not I've booked it. I'm really excited because these are legit, high budget indie films with talented and reputable filmmakers. Well, as high budget as an indie can get, haha. I will keep y'all posted as my filming schedule progresses. over the next few weeks. I don't shoot the Michael Rapaport film unil next month.

My auditions for feature films have SKYROCKETED this year. I've done more auditions for features in the past couple of months than I did all of last year. Or at least it feels like it. I'm not just auditioning for indies either, I'm being seen for lead roles in studio features, one of which is already an established franchise. The part went to a star, of course, but I was seen for the role too!!

I recently went out for one role that I was so attached to that I almost made myself sick thinking about it. I don't recommend that. I've been stalking all of the entertainment blogs for updates but there is no info about this character and whether or not that role has been cast yet. If I don't get the part, I'll give you guys some details.

It's really exciting that I've booked a couple of film roles this month because my last film roles were shot at the end of summer last year. I told you guys about how I got screwed out of one of my film roles and I'm still kind of bitter about that. Hopefully these bookings will help push that out of my mind.

ETA: I booked the film that I had a callback for a few days ago. Yay!!!


After my "Yes, I'm Alive...." post, quite a few people had some random questions for me so read on if you're interested in my answers.

Anonymous said...
Hey, can you talk about the school and what it's like, also how do you deal with doubts and insecurities? Thank you and keep up to the super cool blog!

--I've dedicated my next post to talking about my acting class at T. Schreiber studio, as well as an amazing TV Audition class that I've taken with Ted Sluberski, the best acting coach on the planet!

As for dealing with doubts and insecurities, I was in such a funk that I neglected my blog for almost 3 months. I just didn't feel like writing at the time. But when I look back, writing about my feelings and trials might have helped me come out of the fog a bit faster. What did help me through was to have venting sessions with my closest friends that are also actors. We are all going through the same things and it's nice to talk to people that can empathize with you. I also love to work out when I'm stressed or feeling down about the trajectory of my career. I love to take advanced spin classes and I just push through all of those frustrations. I literally ride them out of my system and I leave the gym feel exhilarated and alive. The benefits to my health and physique are a bonus.

I've never told anyone this, but I do positive affirmations too. I actually found some really uplifting affirmations online and recorded myself saying them on my iPhone. I converted the recording to song files on iTunes and uploaded them to my music library so that I can listen to them whenever I'm feeling down. Sometimes I play them while I'm waiting for an audition.

You can't allow yourself to wallow in the doubt and insecurities. It's normal to feel as though you aren't good enough or to wonder what's wrong with you that you aren't booking, or getting meetings, or getting auditions. All of the doubts and insecurities that we have as actors stem from the fact that so much of our careers are out of our control. And while so much is out of your control, you need to focus on the things that you CAN control. You can control whether or not you're taking great classes, whether or not you have great headshots, whether or not you're keeping in contact with industry folks that can help you, and whether or not your look is the best that it can be.

When you're being positive and proactive in your own career, it doesn't leave a lot of room or time for you to be down on yourself.

Anonymous said....
A lot of people have been calling the Union merger, a bad idea. What is your take on it?

--Even though I was well aware that the merger would pass, I still voted no. My concerns stemmed from the fact that there was absolutely no concrete idea of how our pension and health plans would be affected by the merger. There is still nothing on the horizon and it could be years before the real impact of the merger is realized. I'm part of the tiny 15% of SAG members that actually qualify for health insurance and it's important to me that I'm able to get high quality care and pay premiums that I can afford. I guess only time will tell if the merger will keep my health plan secure.

I got my dues bill a couple of weeks ago and I was billed under the new merger rates. Because I earned so much last year, my dues are much higher than what they would have been under SAG alone. Even though I was a dual card holder (a member or SAG and AFTRA for those who don't know), I think a lot of other pro-merger folks underestimated just how many NON dual card holders were out there. There is already evidence of less experienced actors questioning why their dues are so high. Most of the people who voted yes for the merger were either only members of one union (either SAG OR AFTRA, not both) or they joined AFTRA just so they could get grandfathered in. Now they are wondering why the rates are higher.

As for contracts for film/tv/commercials, I'm not entirely confident that actors are going to be the group that benefits the most from this merger. I'm hoping to be proven wrong though. My final reason for voting no was that it didn't seem that enough people were really educating themselves on just how far reaching the impact of the merger would be.

At this point, the merger is done and irreversible so I'm just going to hope for the best, or at least hope that I become rich before any fallout occurs. LOL


  1. Congrats on those big auditioning. I am hoping that will happen for me soon, right now im working on getting fmor student and short films undr my belt this year.
    As for the insecurities and doubts, oh tell me about it! It is so hard, I been trying to take classes for so long but havent been able to afford them since when I get a check its the bills that come first.
    I also de positive affirmations, its been such a big help. You attract what you are.

  2. Can you go into further detail on your positive affirmations in a blog post? I'm not really sure what they are! What do you record yourself saying, like specifically?

  3. How did you get an agent? I want to start looking for an agent but I dont know how to do it. I got 4 student films which make a nice reel and classes but I dont know where to go next

  4. How did you get an agent? I want to start looking for an agent but I dont know how to do it. I got 4 student films which make a nice reel and classes but I dont know where to go next

  5. Riad: Keep plugging away! When it comes to being able to afford classes, even if you just set aside $20 a week (or whatever you can afford) until you save up, that's a start. Also, think about taking on a part time job whose sole purpose is to cover the expense of your acting classes.

    Greta: I'll do a post talking about it, it should go live later this week.

    Kalen: I've done numerous posts on steps that you can take to get an agent. If you use the search function, you can find them. I, for one, got my agent through my manager. also has a great forum where actors give each other advice on how to find representation.

  6. Did you family support you passion? How have you dealt with it if they didnt? Did you ever have thoughts of giving up?

  7. People say go after agents or Sag work whenyou feel like you have a good enough reel. The problem is how do you know if your reel is good enough? I think all my films are pretty good but I dont know if it is good enough for them.

  8. Maley: I really like this question and I'm going to create a blog post about this. I should post next week.

    Anonymous: There will never be any way for you to know what's good enough because every agent's threshold is different. There are also many factors that determine just how much you can slide. If you're under 22 and have a lousy reel, that's much more understandable than someone who is 30 and has a lousy reel. All you can do is take what you have, make sure it's the best quality that it can be, and hope for the best.

  9. I would love to hear about the mantra! You have it going on, I want to be like that hopefully this year. I know i need to add some more work into my resume. Have you done voiceover? I was thikning about getting into that.

  10. What are mistakes that you see other actors making? Or that you have nearly made

  11. You're absolutely gorgeous, I can't wait to see you make it! Congratulations on the call-backs and the parts! I just signed with a manager and had my first two really legit auditions last week. I'm hoping more things happen! Wish me luck :)

  12. There is an article in Backstage saying that acting expenses(classes, headshots etc) can rub an actor between 8,000 and 17,000 how on earth do you learn to budget!!! I mean a typical waiter makes that much a year.

  13. Larry: Thank you! Check out my newest post on positive affirmations.

    May: Please email this question to It's hard for me to keep track of questions posted in the comments section that are unrelated to the subject of that post. I don't want anyone to feel ignored if I don't respond.

    Living, Leaning, Eating: Thank you so much! Congrats on signing and getting out there for some cool auditions! It's so exciting to make it to the next stage of your career.

    Cela: I'm sure those expenses include commissions and taxes as well. Being an actor is not cheap, but you have to invest in yourself first before you start to see returns. Trust me!