June 16, 2012

Positive Affirmations

Disclaimer: Please excuse any typos/poor grammar. It's 2AM and I'm tired.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned in passing on one of my comment threads that I like to do positive affirmations in order keep myself feeling uplifted and inspired. Quite a few people were interested in hearing more about it so I've decided to share one of my little secrets with you all.

An affirmation is defined as 'a declaration of something that is true'. A simple phrase such as, "I am beautiful" or "I am talented" count as affirmations. The beauty of positive affirmations is that you get to decide what your truths are. As long as you believe it, it's the truth. This means that doing affirmations is a great way to help you believe something about yourself that you may not be confident about. If you don't think that you are talented, smart, deserving of success, etc. then doing affirmations can help strengthen your confidence. A quick google search pulled up the following quote that I find to be immensely helpful:

"A list of positive affirmations need to be crafted in such a way as to remove any room for negativity. They may evoke a negative response from your mind. If you find your inner voice saying something like 'yeah, right' or 'whatever', or 'I wish', you can be sure you've touched a nerve in your subconscious. This is a good thing. Ignore that voice or better yet tell it that it is wrong and you are going to affirm your positive statement regardless of any resistance. Acknowledge the resistance and continue affirming with your list of positive affirmations."

My affirmations are deeply personal and I don't feel comfortable sharing what they are, but I will include a list of some stock examples that you can use as a starting point. Start with a couple of basic affirmations and then start adding in more personal and complex affirmations. Try to focus on negative thoughts and feelings that have been hindering your professional progress, relationships, and health and turn those thoughts into something positive and uplifting.

Try to keep the affirmations on you at all times so that you can refer to them when need be. What I did was record myself saying my affirmations on my Voice Memos app on my iPhone. Then I transferred the files to my Mac and converted them to mp3 files. I then uploaded them to iTunes and added them to my music library. Now, I can privately listen to my affirmations anytime I want to. I have two separate sets of affirmations. The first is called "Love, Wealth, & Happiness" and the second is called "Fitness & Health". In each set, I recorded a series of affirmations that are related to the title's subject matter. 

I'm not going to lie, sometimes hearing myself say some of the things on my recordings makes me feel weird and insecure, but just like the quote states above, it's a good thing. Those themes are obviously points that I'm struggling with and I need to take the time to work through them. 

Anyway, I hope that this helps out some of you that need a little bit of a pick me up every now and then. Positive affirmations really do work and they can be used for anything that you want. If you decide to begin practicing positive affirmations, please leave a comment and tell me how it works out for you. 

  • I succeed with ease
  • All my attitudes are positive now
  • My confidence reigns in any business setting
  • I rejoice for the success and abundance of others
  • I attract, welcome and accept talented and successful people to my team
  • I have abundant faith in my ability to succeed
  • I accept responsibility for my mistakes as well as my successes 
  • I acknowledge financial mistakes, learn from them, choose the correct path, and move on
  • I visualize myself having abundant wealth - that’s who I am
  • I courageously sell my ideas
  • I enjoy my affluence and share it appropriately
  • I am passionate about doing what I need to in order to increase my fortune 
  • I deserve to have and enjoy prosperity and affluence in my life
  • My wealth is increasing more and more now
  • I feel good doing things that improve my bottom line