August 4, 2012

Trying To Focus

Do you ever sit down and make a list of things that you need to do, but once you start to concentrate on one task, your mind begins to wander to the next thing, and then the next? Lately, I've been having THE hardest time focusing on the individual things that I need to accomplish and, as a result, nothing is getting done! I'm so frustrated and it's all my fault.

I designed my website via MobileMe, but Apple discontinued that program in June so I haven't had a website since. I've been working on building a new one and it's coming along nicely, but then I just sort of lost interest. I've been meaning to update my blog and I'm also working on redesigning the layout and buying the domain name and re-routing the blog to it's own web address. *crickets*

I've acquired most of the footage from various TV shows and films I've worked on in the last several months. I have everything edited onto a disk and was supposed to take it to be uploaded to Breakdown Services......a week ago. Let's not even talk about me putting together a reel. Ugh.

I need to get my shit together because episodic season is beginning and I need to make sure that I'm as competitive as possible. I've decided to meander away the next day or two, and starting Monday, I'm back on my shit. I just don't have any time to waste. And yes, I realize that I've just given myself permission to procrastinate in a post where I'm bitching about how I need to stop procrastinating. Sue me.

Sidebar: Am I the only one that's severely depressed about the fact that we are now in AUGUST?!



I've been called back for a couple of commercials and I'm currently on hold for one as I type. I should know the result Monday morning.

I had an audition for a big guest star role for one episode on season two of GIRLS and I earned a callback with Lena Dunham (the star, as well as a writer and executive producer of the show). She was very nice and laidback, as well as Jenni Konner, one of the other exec producers. I had a great callback and while I didn't book the part, my manager got excellent feedback from the casting director and the producers and they told him that they are now a fan of mine. Hopefully, they'll call me back in for another role in the next several weeks.

I also have a big audition on Tuesday for a new untitled pilot. The role is a guest star with the potential of becoming a recurring role should the show get picked up. I did a little bit of research and the show (should it get picked up) will be on an amazing network that's well known and respected for it's high quality shows. I'm very excited and will spend the next couple of days prepping for this audition. It's going to be at a huge casting office that I've never been to so my ultimate goal is to make a great impression with the casting directors and leave the room with a couple of new fans.

I've had a couple of auditions for smaller roles on a new show called House of Cards, but I haven't gotten past stage one as of yet.