December 13, 2012

So Tired.

Hey everyone!

These past several weeks have been crazy. I've been auditioning a lot, mostly for commercials, and I've been working nearly 7 days a week. I've had some callbacks and producer/director sessions, but no bookings.

My husband and I are going full steam ahead with our plans to move to Los Angeles, and I'll be booking a one way ticket for the end of January. That's how close the move date is!

I've had nearly zero free time since the first week of November and the only reason why I'm typing this right now is because I'm very sick (my first time being ill since I was a child) and it happens to be one of my rare days off. Because of my busy schedule, I'll be suspending further posts until I get settled into LA early next year.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading and supporting me and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

And one more thing, my episode of 'Made In Jersey' is tentatively scheduled to air on December 22nd on CBS at 10PM EST. Please watch or DVR it and let me know what you think!


  1. L.A. Would be great for you since you have done a lot! Will miss your NYC postings :(
    Keep moving!

  2. Going to LA is a big step but you are ready, you gonna rock that town!!! lol.
    Mad respect to your husband for being so supportive and moving, I dont know many who would lol.
    Please dont stop blogging when you move there, it will help me for when I move.

  3. Thanks Ryan! My husband is a wonderful man and I don't deserve him.

    I will begin blogging again from LA, don't worry!

  4. Thanks for the update Andrea! I look up to you as an actor/model and I will be rooting for the new chapter of your career in LA! I have no doubt that your indomitable spirit and superior work ethic will continue to serve you well on the west coast. Get well soon and yes, PLEASE keep blogging!

  5. Hello Andrea! So happy I found your blog. I'm an aspiring (commercial print)model and found the information on your blog to be very helpful. You are such a beautiful lady and I can feel that you have a fun & warm spirit. I wish you continued success in your career as you head to LA :-)

  6. Best of luck Andrea! I love checking in on here and hearing how you are doing. So happy for you! If you have any questions about LA I'd be happy to help you out. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail/facebook message/whatever.
    Gabby Goetz

  7. Hey hope you're doing ok. How is la la land lol

  8. I miss your updates :(

    Whats La like?