March 24, 2013

New Life In Los Angeles: Career Moves & Auditioning (Part 2 of 2)

Career Moves

As far as representation goes, I was pretty much set. I've been with CTG for more than 2 years now and it was a given that I'd be signing with the LA office. As a formality, I had a meeting with my new agents the day after I arrived. The purpose of the meeting was to make sure that we were all still on the same page and discuss moving forward in LA.

We agreed that I need new photos and they also warned me that things could be slow for me in the beginning because none of the CDs out here are familiar with me and my work just yet.

Commercially, I was very sad to leave Buchwald behind but they don't have a commercial division out in LA which was news to me. David, my commercial agent at Buchwald was kind enough to refer me to the agents at AKA. I met with one of them about 2 weeks after arriving and they offered me a contract.

I also just signed to CESD for print. While I was aware that models can't work with multiple agents out here in LA, I had NO idea that you had to sign for print. I understand completely why that is, but it was still a shock.


So um, yeah. I've been auditioning. A lot. And it's been great.

It took about two weeks after signing with AKA before my first commercial auditions came in. I've gone out for about 10 so far and I've gotten callbacks for all but 2 of them. Ain't booked none of em! Insert sad face --> here <--. I actually had to leave a callback a couple of days ago because it was cutting into a big legit audition I had.

Sidebar: It takes FOREVER to get from audition to audition! Sometimes you get lucky and they are pretty close together, but most of the time, I'm cutting it close between auditions. I also find that my wait times are much longer for my commercial auditions. For many of them, I'm waiting as long as an hour to be seen, even when I show up early. It's ridiculous. End sidebar.

My legit auditions have been wonderful. I'm going out very often, at least a couple of times a week, and I'm getting producer's callbacks for much of what I'm auditioning for. I'd say my callback percentage is at about 60% right now. I'm also being seen for big parts. My agents/manager and I have all agreed that it's time to move away from co-stars, which is why my agents warned me that it may be slow in the beginning. Getting seen right out the gate for guest stars and recurring roles was somewhat unrealistic.

Well, it was more realistic than we thought because I'm getting in for great projects. There's one major casting office that brought me in for a co-star role and I took the audition because I didn't want to miss the chance to meet this CD. Well, they gave the part to someone else, but brought me straight to producers for a guest star role.

Last week, I had another audition for a huge CD who's office is at Paramount Studios and they told me flat out in the middle of my audition that they were giving me a producer's callback for the next day! I've NEVER had that happen before. This was for a recurring guest star role on a pilot. My callback went well, but I didn't get the part. However, I got excellent feedback and I'm sure that CD will bring me back in the next time the right role comes along.

One of my first auditions when I got here was for another big CD who works on a couple of great shows, I earned a callback for a guest starring role and didn't book it. They brought me straight to producers for a recurring guest star a couple of days ago and I didn't get that either, haha. However, there is something in the works regarding that, but I can't really discuss it at the moment. As soon as I can, I'll write a blog post about it because it's pretty cool!


  1. Keep working hard girl! I'm glad that you are settling in well and that you are hitting the ground running. Love and miss you!!

  2. Good going at all these auditions! You know how to be likeable, what do you do?

  3. Benita, I love you and miss you too!

    Carl, I have no idea how to answer that, lol. I don't try to be likeable, I guess I just am? That sounds kind of asshole-y but I don't know what else to say. I mean, I don't put on airs when I'm meeting new people, I'm just myself and I don't try to be anything other than what I am. I guess people respond to that the most.

  4. In the short time you been in LA have you gotten to meet other actors and have you found the environment to be intimidating? I always hear about people saying its very cruel there.

  5. Talon: I don't find the environment intimidating at all. I honestly don't see or feel much difference from NYC. The scenery is different, but the vibe is pretty much the same. I have met a ton of other actors and everyone has been really nice so far.

    I'm sure LA has it's cruel moments, but for now, that remains to be seen.

  6. Cool entry, you took NYC by storm so you gonna do well in LA

  7. Congrats,congrats! I follow your agency on Facebook and they posted your great news with your headshot last week. Awesome. Glad you are enjoying LA and that everything is working out!

    Are you still with the manager that you had in NYC?

  8. Ahhh... so happy to read your last two posts!!! So excited for you and even though we've never met, I caught myself feeling PROUD. Please do keep us east coasters updated, we're rooting for ya!

  9. Thank you Kevin!

    Hey Kris, how are you? I didn't know that they posted that, thanks for the heads up!

    Thank you Anonymous!!

  10. Whats new? Cant wait to hear! In your blog I learn more than any other actor blog. Other actors are so stingy with giving advice and info but not you. That is a great thing. Forever Grateful

  11. Hey Andrea! Remember me? I met you at One on One before your audition and I was taking Bob Krakower's class - right before you left for LA! I'm so happy to hear everything is going well for you out there - congrats and keep us updated! xoxo.

  12. Hi Raya! Thanks for reading! I have some VERY exciting news that I'll be posting about this week. Thank you for reading!

    Michelle, I definitely remember you! Thank you so much for reaching out and I hope that things have been going well for you.