March 22, 2013

New Life In Los Angeles: The Logistics (Part 1 of 2)

Hi Everyone!!

I appreciate everyone hanging in there and allowing me the time to settle in to my new city and new life.

First of all, I absolutely LOVE Los Angeles! Don't get me wrong, I miss NYC like crazy, but the change of scenery, pace, and people is exactly what I needed. I'd been feeling restless for so long and I'm happy that I finally made the move. My husband loves it here too. NYC was never his taste and he feels so much more at home on the West Coast.

Today is my two month anniversary of living here and I thought it would be the perfect time to get everyone caught up to speed on what's been happening.'s going to be long and I need to break this post up into a couple of parts.

So here's part one:

The Logistics

My husband and I had been talking about making the move for the past year or two, but it became a more tangible concept this past fall. Originally, I was just going to come out to LA for a couple months for pilot season 2013 and then come back to NYC to prepare for the official move later in the year. After much thought, it just didn't make sense.

For one, why would I waste three months in LA trying to build new relationships, just to break those ties and be unavailable for an extended amount of time? Plus, there was no guarantee that I would be auditioning much during pilot season since none of the CD's out here knew of me. It would have been a huge waste. Instead, this seemed like a great time to come out, start auditioning when I could and building relationships with CD's so that I would have some strong relationships come episodic season.

Our lease was going to be ending at the end of January so it just made sense to make the move a permanent one. Once we'd decided to leave NYC, we needed to get everything in order. I started a serving job so that we could save even more money and for the last few months of the year, I was working 7 days a week on top of auditioning. That's why I had what, two (?) posts between October and January? We set my move date for January 22nd and my husbands was for some undecided time between mid and late February. We needed him to stay back and tie up loose ends in NYC, while I took care of things in LA.

When January rolled around, we started looking at neighborhoods. We knew that we wanted to live in Studio City or Sherman Oaks. We looked at maybe 5 apartments on craigslist before seeing one that seemed nice. I called and inquired about availability and the next thing I knew, we were sending an application via email and getting important documents notarized for faxing. We were approved and set a February 1st move in date. I just needed a place to stay for that first 10 days that I'd be in LA and one of my good friends that lives here was kind enough to offer me room and board for that time. Awesome!

Next up was finding a car. I had originally thought about taking out a bank loan and was going to buy a used car with the money. I had my heart set on a Volkswagen Jetta and called a dealership that was close to where our new apartment was. The dealer suggested I lease a new car because, apparently, EVERYONE leases in LA, haha. I hadn't even considered that option but I'm so happy I did! I was approved for a lease with low payments in about 10 minutes and I picked out my brand new car over the phone. The dealer was nice enough to text me photos of different cars so that I could see what the exact colors looked like!

It was perfect. We already had our apartment, I had my car, and I still had more than a week left before the move! I scheduled my car pick up for the day I landed and went straight from the airport to the dealership, and from there, to the apartment to sign the lease.

Packing was hard and I had to let go of a lot of things that were dear to my heart. We just couldn't afford to bring everything we wanted. The stuff that we did ship cost hundreds of dollars and was beginning to eat into our savings.

When I got to LA on the 22nd, I was really overwhelmed. When I left NYC that morning, it was about 18° and when I landed in LA, it was 81° and GORGEOUS. I could have cried. Picking up my car was an ordeal because I was terrified of driving. I hadn't driven a car in nearly 5 years and I sat in the parking lot of the dealership for about 15 minutes before I was brave enough to drive off the lot.

I was finally in LA and had all of the big things taken care of. Now it was time to take care of business.

Stay tuned for 'New Life In Los Angeles: Career Moves (Part 2 of 3)'


  1. Happy to hear from you! I love this posting too. Have wanted to know what the moving process was like from NY to LA. This was well put. This is why I like your blog, you're so informative. I hope to read more soon!!! :)

  2. Thanks Ryan! I wrote this late at night and was tired, so it's a BIT rushed. Every time I read it, I have to go back and correct typos and poor grammar, haha. I'm glad that you found it informative.

    Part two goes up on Sunday.