May 29, 2013

Dealing With Downtime

Here is a comment/question that was recently posted on my last blog entry:

"Written by: Daye

How do you deal with blank time, meaning there is no work coming in for days, it drives me nuts."

Every year, around this time and the holidays, things slow down drastically for me and probably many others in the business. Right now, we're in between pilot season and episodic season and my legit auditions have almost come to a standstill. I'm getting a couple of commercial auditions a week and the occasional print casting.

While I'm sometimes driven crazy during these times, the best thing to do when you're having an audition slump is to keep yourself busy with other things. Simple, right? Well....yes. It is pretty simple.

Of course, there are acting related activities and tasks that can keep you busy: classes, blogging, seeing films and plays, or even just reading the memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies of your favorite performers. If you're strapped for cash, now's a great time to pick up some additional shifts at work to make a bit of extra cash. No pesky auditions to get in the way.

In addition to those things, you can take the extra time to step up your fitness, read books, spend time with friends and family, or just relax. You know? Normal people things? Reading is one of my favorite past times and in the past month, I've finished 7 novels and I'm half way through my 8th. Side Note: You must read World War Z. It was positively brilliant. And scary. So make sure you have a snuggle buddy or a squeezable stuffed animal because I had nightmares each of the three nights it took me to read the book. 
If you live in a major city, you should have no shortage of interesting activities to take advantage of. I'm planning to go zip-lining in the next couple of weeks. So try something that you've never done before.

It's easy to get sucked into spending your every waking moment thinking about auditions and acting and meeting casting directors. But, we also need to make sure that we have identities and interests outside of "THE BUSINESS". There are always going to be slow periods and those are the perfect times to rediscover the other things that you love. Yesterday was Memorial Day which means SUMMER IS HERE!! Take advantage!

What's really great about remaining engaged by other things is that when the phone rings the next time you have an audition, you'll have even more life experiences to draw from. That's an advantage that any actor can use.

Now get off your computer and go do something!


  1. Good point, the doing nothing period can be pretty scary.

  2. So I guess every actor will have down time, are we goiing to see you on TV anytime soon?

  3. You'll see me on TV again later this summer, thanks for asking! I'll post the show's name and episodes before they air. :)

  4. Has there been things in your career that you had to spend money on and ended up being a waste of time.
    There is so many things showing actors what to buy and sometimes i wonder which is worth and which isnt.

  5. Hmm, never really thought of that. The biggest waste of time/money, in my opinion, is probably mediocre or bad headshots for obvious reasons. After that, it would probably be ineffective acting classes and coaching. I would list workshops and seminars up there too, but I know that some actors swear by them and are very sensitive about the fact that they find them necessary. However, I've never known anyone to get very far using them. But I'm just one person so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  6. Cool thaks. So what is LA like? Are you use to it, or is NYC better lol

  7. When do you think is a good idea to start finding a manager, I feel like I need help. The only thing is I have one credit on my resume, no reel, and non sag. Am I jumping ahead and if so what would be a good idea. They say get these things but they dont say when lol.

  8. Cary: I love LA, but you can't really compare it to NYC. They are two completely different cities. Both have pros and cons, I suppose.

    Kimmy: I can't answer that, it's something you'll have to figure out on your own. Here is the link to a recent post I did on my experience with having a manger:

    1. Just read the manager experience post. Thanks for sharing this one!

  9. Can you do talk about networking, everyone says thats the key but I dont know exactly how to do it.

  10. Have you ever dealt with jealousy? Like seeing everyone do well and your trying to find a big hit.

  11. How are you doing?
    How do you deal with not finding a casting that you fit?