December 30, 2013

Finally, A REAL Blog Address!

After almost 4 years, I've finally added a real blog address for my blog and I could not be more excited!

Welcome to!

Please keep in mind that I have not re-routed the naked domain name just yet so if you try to type in my blog address without the 'www', you will get an error page.

I'm still working on the layout right now (This ugly crap that you're seeing is not the final product!) and I'm currently working on several posts simultaneously, including one that gets you guys up to date on what's been going on with me since this past summer when I fell off of the face of the Earth.

Thanks for checking back in with me and I will see you all again in the New Year!

P.S. I can't believe it's essentially been a year since I moved to Los Angeles. Time is going by too fast!

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