January 30, 2014

New Headshots

I've actually had these photos for the past 3 months or so, but I'm just getting around to posting them. I shot with OG Photography and could not be happier!! Check 'em out and let me know what you think!

My Favorite Legit Shot. So Dramatic!!

The Look My Agent & Manager Mostly Use

My Straight Hair Option

My Look For Playing Younger Roles (Older Teen-Young College Student)

January 22, 2014

One Year In LA

So, today marks my 1 year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles and I have to say, it's been a great year!

We spend so much time thinking about all of the things that go wrong in our lives, when it would be so much for fulfilling to focus on all of the things that went right. I didn't accomplish everything that I wanted to this past year, but I did accomplish a lot and I learned even more. Here are some highlights:

~Based on the audition log that I kept year, I have a 20% callback ratio and a 13% booking ratio.

~About 30% of the casting directors that I auditioned for brought me back again for other roles/projects.

~I didn't die in a fiery car crash on the 101 or 405. *knocks on wood*

~I'm studying at an amazing acting studio.

~I've met a ton of amazing new people.

~I booked my first guest star which turned into a recurring guest star.

~I've gotten even more committed to physical fitness.

~I've begun learning how to longboard.

~I'm having so much fun and just enjoying life more!

I could write a huge list but I need more material to blog about. :)

Sidenote: I just joined Instagram and Twitter. I'm still figuring things about but please follow me on both if your heart desires! The icons are in the righthand column below my photo.

January 18, 2014

Filler Auditions: The Cold Hard Truth

So, we're going to discuss filler auditions today. What is a filler audition? I'll tell you. And please keep in mind that the term "filler audition" is not an industry standard term, it's something that I made up and it perfectly reflects what's been going on in my career these days. But it IS a real thing and it happens ALL. OF. THE. TIME. If you're an actor who auditions regularly, it may have already happened to you and you didn't even know it.

A filler audition is when you get called in for a really big part, usually a series regular or strong recurring guest star role, but you don't have a chance in hell of getting cast because the producers have already offered the part to another actor. A name actor.

What essentially happens is that the producers/network have a list with a few names of their ideal actors for the part. These are always name actors or stars. What they do is offer the role to the number one actor on that list and then depending on whether or not that actor accepts or rejects the part, they work their way down the list until someone accepts and they close a deal. Meanwhile, just in case none of the actors accept the role, or one actor does accept, but the producers/network aren't willing to meet that actor's demands (money, perks, etc.), they WILL audition the no name or lesser name actors as backup.

Now, this is not to say that just because a no name actor hits the jackpot with one of the roles, they are really just a plan b choice, but sometimes that is the case. It happens to stars too. For instance, the role of Carrie in 'Homeland', played by Claire Danes, was originally offered to Halle Berry and she turned it down. Now, Claire Danes is a star name and has won awards playing this role, but she was not the first choice.

This has been the case for me for many of my big auditions in these past few months. Hell, it's probably been the case for ALL of my big auditions, who knows? The first time I realized this was a couple of months ago. I had an audition for a strong recurring role on the 2nd season of a hit show (I can't name it, sorry), and morning of my audition, my agent called to tell me the casting session had been canceled because an actor had just accepted the part. At first, I was confused. I was thinking, why would they be seeing actors if they had offered the part already?

And then I saw the light. That harsh, bright light of truth and bitter understanding.

Then I got pissed. I had spent two days working on this character. I was well rested, I was prepared, I had eaten a good breakfast. I was ready! I mean, what the fuck!? *deep sigh*

You see, it's not that I didn't know that things like this happen, I just didn't realize to what extent it occurs. Leads in studio features? Duh. Series regulars on pilots? Yeah, that makes sense, sorta. But damn, recurring guest stars too?! Where am I supposed to dip my toes in? Where am I supposed to catch a break?

And then I realized that this was yet another obstacle that I need to figure out how to to overcome. When I figure it out, I'll let you guys know. Right now, I'm just banking on the hope that I can one day change someone's mind and make it onto that mythical list of first choice actors.

January 13, 2014

Getting You Guys Up To Speed

I'm really happy to be back blogging again and I'd like to fill you guys in on what's been going on.

My last real blog post was on 6.29.2013. I had just finished working on my 3rd episode of Rizzoli & Isles. I believe my second episode was airing on TV that night. The 3rd episode that I'd worked on was my last for the season and my storyline was left open ended. I won't say much more because I don't want to spoil the storyline for any fans of the show that may be reading. Anyway, I had a brief discussion with one of the executive producers about the character returning for the 4th season which left me feeling incredibly optimistic. Up until that point (and in the following months) working on that show is the biggest opportunity that I'd been given and it was great to think about how my character could possibly grow on the show. 

A few weeks after that blog post, Lee Thompson Young, one of the stars of the show, committed suicide.

If you watch the show, you'll know that my character was developed as a love interest for his character. I had a lovely time working with Lee and while I didn't know him incredibly well, he had a tremendous impact on me. He was funny, kind, gentle, and incredibly smart. Wise beyond his years. We had a great time on set and each day that I worked with him, he made me feel welcome, supported, and comfortable. During downtime, we talked about everything from career, to love, to friendships, to our dreams outside of the business. His death hit me very hard and I think about him a lot. 

I was surprised to receive an invite to his memorial service and I was even more surprised at the number of people from the cast/crew/producers who went out of their way to make ME feel welcome and comforted, despite the immense grief that I'm sure they were feeling at that time.

I was feeling a lot of mixed emotions after Lee's death and I thought briefly about writing about it. It just didn't seem like the right thing to do, so I didn't. I didn't feel like writing about anything else during that time and the weeks eventually stretched into months.

I had decent summer with lots of auditions, but no tv/film bookings. I booked two national commercials for Nike and American Express. The AMEX commercial ran a lot during the fall and I see it every once in a while now. As for Nike, I have never seen it but after getting paid for all of the international/internet/billboard usage, I received the biggest check that I've ever cashed. So either way, I'm happy!

I started studying at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop back in June but I'll be posting about that in a couple of weeks. For now, I will say that I LOVE it there!

In September, I booked a guest star role on NCIS. I had a great time filming that and even did my first stunt! In my first scene, my neighbor's apartment explodes behind me as I'm walking down the hallway. We did four rehearsals before filming and I only had ONE take so I had to get it right. Everything went off without a hitch and the stunt coordinators made sure that I knew exactly what to expect from the explosion.

Since September, I've gone out for a handful of pilots and some more guest star roles, but once again, no bookings. And as usual, the holidays were really slow, giving me much needed time to regroup and relax. 

So yeah, that was pretty much the second half of my 2013 and now I'm ready to tackle a new year. I feel much more comfortable here in LA and it feels like home now. I can drive most places without my GPS and I'm starting to find my favorite bars/restaurants, stores, and coffee spots. My only goal this year is to have more fun and to travel outside of the country at least once. I haven't left the US in a couple of years and I'm ready to start seeing more of the world. 

I feel like I've learned, lived, and grown a lot this year and I'm curious to see where my new outlook will take me.

January 12, 2014

Check Out My New Design!

I'm so happy with my new blog layout. Doesn't it look so clean and chic?

There are still a couple of minor tweaks that I'm getting fixed and the naked domain is now operational for those of you that don't like to type in 'www' before an address.

As for content, new posts will start going up next week.

Thanks for stopping by!