January 22, 2014

One Year In LA

So, today marks my 1 year anniversary of moving to Los Angeles and I have to say, it's been a great year!

We spend so much time thinking about all of the things that go wrong in our lives, when it would be so much for fulfilling to focus on all of the things that went right. I didn't accomplish everything that I wanted to this past year, but I did accomplish a lot and I learned even more. Here are some highlights:

~Based on the audition log that I kept year, I have a 20% callback ratio and a 13% booking ratio.

~About 30% of the casting directors that I auditioned for brought me back again for other roles/projects.

~I didn't die in a fiery car crash on the 101 or 405. *knocks on wood*

~I'm studying at an amazing acting studio.

~I've met a ton of amazing new people.

~I booked my first guest star which turned into a recurring guest star.

~I've gotten even more committed to physical fitness.

~I've begun learning how to longboard.

~I'm having so much fun and just enjoying life more!

I could write a huge list but I need more material to blog about. :)

Sidenote: I just joined Instagram and Twitter. I'm still figuring things about but please follow me on both if your heart desires! The icons are in the righthand column below my photo.


  1. I have a weird question.. have you ever given any thought to all of those crazy Illuminati Hollywood stories? I'm a student of acting... but reading how you basically have to sell your soul to get ahead in this town makes me not even want to do this sometimes.

  2. Haha! A good friend and I always talk about that stuff, but it's just for fun. We don't take it seriously, but I will say that I wouldn't surprised to find out it was real. Hollywood is a strange town in more ways than one.

    Now, I don't think you need to sell your soul to get ahead (that's just too depressing a thought), but you need to be aware that you may sometimes be placed in situations that will test your core beliefs and morals. This is a tough business that breeds desperation in a lot of people. When you have desperate and vulnerable people, there will always be predators waiting in the wings for the chance to take advantage of them.