February 13, 2014

My YouTube Channel!

Hey y'all! So I posted back in December that I'm going to be expanding the content of my blog to make it more lifestyle based. And after much encouragement from loved ones, I've finally launched my YouTube channel. It's the same name as my blog and, in the future, I'll be including all manner of videos including makeup, fashion, and acting vlogs. I've just uploaded my first video welcoming viewers to my channel and I'm currently editing a couple of new videos. I'm hoping to post at least 2 new vids a week. Anyway, please check out my welcome video and let me know what you think and what you hope to see from me on my channel and blog!


  1. Yessss! Love your personality and am looking forward to seeing more videos!

    I'm also thinking about starting up a youtube channel, doing short, DIY, comedic videos, as a creative outlet in my downtime. As a SAG actor though, did you have to go through the union and get your YouTube channel recognized as a SAG New Media project?

    Very impressed with your make-up set-up, btw :)

  2. Haha, thanks Sam! I LOVE my vanity so much. It's my baby, lol.

    You should definitely start a channel and make sure to let me know when you do so I can subscribe. :)

    As far as I know, my channel has nothing to do with the union as I'm not performing in any of my videos. I can't imagine any circumstance where there would be some sort of conflict.

  3. What I marvel at is how ORGANIZED it is, everything has its place... it soothes the soul just to look at it! :))

    Ah ok that's what I suspected --that something like an actor's own self-made youtube channel wouldn't be something that the union would need or want to regulate. But I wasn't sure, so thanks for the reassurance! And I'll let you know when it's up!

  4. Hey, I could be wrong!! I'll let you know if the union comes after me, haha. :)