February 5, 2014

Web/Social Media Presence

So I admit, I've been pretty anti-social media up until this point. I was one of the OGs of facebook and watched over the years as the site, in my opinion, took a turn for the worse. I eventually lost interest and deleted my account back in...September? Maybe October. Doesn't really matter.

Anyway, I caught a lot of heat when I deleted my page. People told me that I was making a mistake and that facebook was the new frontier for self-promotion. Basically, that I was cutting off a huge avenue to increasing my web presence. I tend to agree with that, but the reasons for me deleting my account far outweighed any social media benefits. I won't go into all of the reasons why, but a big one is the lack of personal contact with supposed "friends". You want to know who your true friends are? Delete your facebook page. Then you'll see who's really willing to pick up a phone and call you or hell, even text you. I think the following photo sums up my feelings most accurately.

But I digress.

As I'm early in the process of expanding my blog content, I've realized that while facebook is NOT for me, I don't really see any issues with Twitter or Instagram. I'd shied away from Instagram because I almost never take photos of myself, or anything for that matter, and just didn't see the point. I'm HORRIBLE at taking selfies. But, as I traipse all over the internet doing research on popular bloggers and vloggers, I really do see how valuable Instagram is in drastically expanding your web presence, and thus, your popularity.

I want this blog to be successful. I want to have a strong web presence. And I'm positive that attaining that will lead to more opportunities for me in both acting and modeling. If I ever go back to facebook, it won't be a personal page, but one attached to this blog. I've also decided to start a YouTube channel but I won't be launching that for a couple more weeks. That will essentially be the video version of my blog and I hope that you guys enjoy seeing some of these changes.

With all of that said, I'm not going to let this new endeavor completely take over my life as I see it happening to others. One of the biggest reasons my husband and I moved to LA was to improve our quality of life. I will continue to make sure that I'm enjoying my time with him, my friends, and even myself.

So with that said, if your web presence has helped to serve you in your career or social life, please leave me a comment with your personal experiences. Also, please let me know if you think I'm making a mistake in not having a facebook account. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you guys!

And of course, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram and share my blog with your friends, I will definitely follow you back! My links are on the righthand column below my main photo. I will ad a YouTube widget once I start posting videos.


  1. "I'm positive that attaining that will lead to more opportunities for me in both acting and modeling..." --> I'm curious to know your reasons for that. I tend to agree. I think that in this new day of social media, going into acting or modeling with no social media presence is a dubious proposition. Being online has improved my social life a bit, but I really don't mix it with "day job" so it's had no impact there.

  2. The reason I feel that way is because having a strong social media network is important to producers. It sort of ties in with the concept of booking "name" talent in film and tv. The mindset is: The more people who know you, the more chances we have of bringing in high ratings. If you look at the web series boom of the past few years, thanks mostly to YouTube, you'll see a growing number of filmmakers with high viewership getting real, tangible opportunities to develop their work on TV and in studio films. Issa Rae of "Awkward Black Girl" fame comes to mind.

    I don't think that this is going to make me famous, and that's not my overall intent. But if it can lead to me being able to connect with other people who have the tools and relationships to help me grow my visibility, that's the best I can hope for.

  3. Agreed. The online presence is now just another tool in the kit of an actress or model marketing themselves, and it's becoming increasingly important. There's a good article in the Wall Street Journal about this, http://on.wsj.com/1eA6sFV A quote from the article: "When you walk into a brand and you say 'what about her, what about him?' they now ask 'how many followers do they have?' " said Ivan Bart, senior vice president and managing director of IMG Models

    I wrote about this on my blog in 2011 but people weren't really paying attention to it then. With respect to your "real opportunities" comment, recently on Showtimes "House of Lies" I noticed that one of the women from the popular YouTube channel "Live Prude Girls" got a recurring role on the show, Milana Vayntrub.

    Anyway, great blog update. Looking forward to hearing more and checking out your YouTube channel, which I will of course promote on Indosplace :)

  4. You're absolutely right, Indo. I was in denial for quite some time, but as they say, you've got to catch up with the times. Or something like that. Haha!

    And as always, thanks for your support and encouragement, I appreciate it!! I'm off to read that article now...

  5. are you doing a webseries on youtube?

  6. No, I'm going to be starting my own channel. It will be an extension of my blog but also include beauty and fashion.

  7. You should totally start a youtube channel. My twin sis and I just started ours a couple weeks ago :)

  8. Thanks Erica! I just filmed my first video today and plan to shoot a couple more over the weekend and get them all edited. I want to launch on Monday.

    Will you please post the name of your channel so I can subscribe? :)

  9. Sure! It is http://www.youtube.com/twolala1 Can't wait to see yours as well!

  10. Question, so began my acting career. Took classes and now what? Where do I start looking for work? My resume is blank but can I seek costar roles on tv?

  11. Cle, I think it's time for you to start your research phase. There's a wealth of information out there, in addition to my blog. Here is the web address to the New Actors Only forum on the Backstage.com message boards: http://bbs.backstage.com/groupee/forums/a/frm/f/932105

    I would start there.