March 19, 2014

And Another One!

I booked another commercial today!! This is really exciting and I hope that I can keep up the momentum. Two commercials in two weeks?! Yes, please!

I also have a director's session for the lead in a made for tv movie tomorrow and I'm nervous y'all! I went in for this almost a month ago and I forgot what I wore and all of the choices I made in my initial audition, haha. I wish things hadn't moved so slowly, but they JUST attached a director to the film and that's why the process has been so long. Anyway, I'm just going to have to go in there tomorrow and kill it. I'm not even sure if a director's session is the last step in the process or if I'll have to also impress network execs.

I guess I shouldn't be thinking that far ahead.

I just need to focus on the work that I'm doing TOMORROW and not worry about what comes next.

I'm going to have to leave my acting class early in order to make it to my audition on time, but I'm so glad that I have class first. I always feel loose and relaxed after I work in class and the scene that I'm working on is extremely powerful. It's going to ensure that when I head to my callback, I'll be open and emotionally available. *sigh*

Please keep your fingers crossed for me and send me some positive vibes.


On another note, I've been working on a few videos centered around commercials and some specific tips regarding commercials. I shot a great video the other day but had to scrap the whole thing due to technical issues. Ugh.

Gonna re-shoot this week and try to have it up by Monday. Please comment below if you have any suggestions or requests for what you'd like to see in future videos and blog posts. Thanks!!

March 6, 2014

Another Booking!!

Just when I thought I would have to pick up a serving job, I booked another national commercial! I can't give any more details than that but I'm so excited and it's going to be lots of fun to shoot. Will tell you all about it when it airs. It's a big one. :)

Last year, I booked 2 other nationals for Nike and American Express. The Amex is still running but I haven't seen the Nike, although I've earned a lot more in residuals for that than the Amex due to it's global use.

I haven't had a booking since October and I've been getting antsy and impatient so this is coming at a great time for me. Things have been so incredibly slow and I'm driving myself nuts. Hopefully this will help me relax a bit. (Yeah, right!)

How are things going for you guys? Are you all having a busy pilot season or is it dead right now? How are your commercial auditions going? Let me know!