December 17, 2014

Commercial Crazy!

So, I shot another commercial on the 5th, bringing my total up to 5 commercial bookings in 2014! I'm so proud of myself, that's my biggest yearly total so far. I'm not allowed to discuss any details of the commercial, but it was a great shoot and I hope you all get to see it very soon!

I'm also currently on avail/on hold for 2 more commercials, so my total could reach 7 before December 31st if I'm lucky. *fingers crossed*

Still in the middle of the process for that "potentially major" something that I mentioned in my last post so I can't discuss that either, unfortunately. Ugh. When I first started blogging, I pretty much detailed every little thing that I did and went in for, but as my career progresses and the projects get bigger, I'm not always allowed to give even the most minute details.

Sorry guys.

Other than that, tv/film auditions have slowed down a lot due to to the upcoming holiday break, but I did go in for a guest-star role on CSI yesterday. I wasn't thrilled with my read, so I doubt I'll be going any further on that one. When I'm not happy with a read, I usually ask the CD to let me read it again, but this time I just kind of let it go. I'm not sure why, but we can't always explain the things we do.

Oh yeah! I was also put on avail for another episode of 'Marry Me', but they ended up changing direction on character interactions in the scene and so I was released.

Next time!

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