February 23, 2015

Pilot Season (So Far)

My hands are broken. Well, they're not broken but they're in pretty bad shape. I've been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands/wrists, but especially my right wrist for over a year now, but it's become nearly unbearable these past few months. Even typing a few sentences is painful and incredibly uncomfortable. I'm actually meeting with an orthopedic surgeon TODAY to discuss my options. This is one of the main reasons why I just don't post as much as I used to. But today I'm going to bang a post out for the people that are still sticking with me on this crazy journey that I'm on. I want to get back to heart of what my blog used to be, I miss having that outlet and sharing my experiences with others.

So, back to the real topic: Pilot Season.

I have to say, I'm having a pretty good pilot season so far. Last week was a bit slow, but the week before was very busy with 6 pilot auditions and I have one that I'm going in for today. So far, I've auditioned for pilots on all of the major networks and one for AMC. One audition was in the CDs office, but on tape for producers and I also ended up going to producers for a lead in a series and got to read with the star of the show!

Fuck it, I'll give you the deets!

I got to read with Craig Robinson, for his new show "Mr. Robinson." The part (obviously) went to Meagan Good, but it was a really great, fun experience. Craig was so funny and very kind.

I haven't moved forward on anything else just yet and there was one ABC pilot last week that I was really invested in that I did not move forward on. That one definitely made me cry because I was PERFECT for the part in pretty much every way imaginable. I'd fallen in love with the character and also loved the script, but such is life. It just wasn't my job to have.

For everything else, I've just allowed myself to look at them as opportunities to play, especially since my manager and agents have gotten me into SO many new casting offices these past few weeks. I'm getting excellent feedback and that's going to be invaluable when it's time to cast the guest stars and recurring roles on these same pilots. Not to mention episodic season.

The important thing is that I'm feeling good walking out of almost every one of my auditions when, in the past, it was always a mixed bag for me. My confidence in who I am as a person is really strengthening my work and my outlook on my work. For that alone, I'm so much happier and more content with where I am and the possibilities of where I can go.

With all of that said, wish my luck with my doctor's appointment and this next pilot audition! I also want to hear about what's going with you guys out there. How are your pilot seasons going? Tell me in the comments section!

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